With Confucius Institutes Shuttering Across US, Can Taiwanese Teachers Fill the Gap?

Bryan Chou

Taiwanese teachers of Mandarin are in high demand in the U.S., but opinions vary over whether they can fill the gap left by Chinese teachers.


For Better Relations with India, Taiwan Must Support Indian Students

Naina Singh

Supporting Indian students in Taiwan is key to the broader success of India-Taiwan relations and the New Southbound Policy. There is more the Taiwanese government can do.


[Audiovisual] Organizing hundreds of thousands of aerial images and footage is like an marathon: the Digital Archive program by Chi Po-lin Foundation

“Speak out for the environment through images” is what Director Chi had been committed to throughout his life, as well as what Chi Po-lin Foundation is going to continue. We will build a photography database to preserve the images showing landscape changes of the whole Taiwan, so the image legacy left by Chi Po-lin could be passed on from generations to generations. “Digital Archive” program calls for your support and advocacy.

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Taipei American School Students Plan Economics Hackathon

TNL Feature

EconHacks is a 24-hour online financial literacy hackathon organized by students at the Taipei American School. It will be held across the world beginning at 12 p.m. Taipei time on February 13.


Taiwan Can Reclaim Its Place as a Center of Mandarin Education

Michael Fahey

The decline in American students in China is a unique opportunity for Taiwan to reclaim its place as a center for Chinese language studies and organically deepen relations with its most important ally.


Taipei American School Students Develop Effective At-Home Viral Test Kits

TNL Feature

Students from the Taipei American School iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) team have recently created a diagnostic test that can be adapted to any viral infection.


International Students Can Stem Decline Facing Asian Universities

Xiaochen Su

East Asian universities face a long-term demographic crisis, risking gains in competitiveness made over recent years. Attracting students from abroad may be the solution.


The Pay in Taiwan Is Too Damn Low

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s minimum wage is not just lower than the international standard. Its rate of growth has lagged.

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