Singapore Rolls the Dice with Bold Education Reforms

Andrew MacIntyre

Andrew MacIntyre takes a look at how an aging population and slow growth is driving dramatic education reform in Singapore – with fascinating results.


Why I Joined China’s Craze for Expensive US Summer Camps

Wu Mei

For the same cost as their Chinese alternatives, American activity camps teach children skills they could never acquire back home.


Beijing’s Schools for Migrants Face Demolition amid Urban Restructuring

Yuan-Ming Chiao

Strict residency laws make it difficult for migrants from other parts of China to be enrolled in public municipal schools in Beijing. Now their special schools are under threat.


Taiwanese Prodigy, 13, Sets New Record for Youngest Admitted to New York University

Central News Agency

The 13-year-old wants to devote himself to the research of rare diseases.


FEATURE: Inside Beijing's Project Teaching Thai Students Chinese

Shuhei Omi

Thousands of Chinese college graduates, sponsored by the Chinese government, teach Chinese in Thai public schools. But does it help China’s soft power?


The Rise of Taiwan's College Dropouts

Rosemary Chen

More and more students are dropping out of Taiwan’s most prestigious colleges to follow their passions — and it may not be the worst financial decision they make.


Why China's Top College Students Are Failing to Meet English Writing Standards

Ryan Thorpe

A focus on excessively verbose language is failing to prepare test-takers for college-level academic writing.

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