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2018/05/21 | The Interpreter
Chinese Students in Australia Often Feel Isolated, Disappointed
Chinese students pay big money to study Down Under, but many come away without the cosmopolitan experience they were expecting.
ANALYSIS: The Myth of School Autonomy in Vietnam
The communist state has been moving quickly to privatize control of its educational institutions.
2018/05/07 | The Conversation
A Decade Later, Cyclone Nargis Still Holds Lessons for Myanmar
Myanmar has learned from the disaster, but it is prepared for the next one?
2018/05/04 | Atlas Obscura
Inside Indonesia's Visionary Chicken Church
A peek inside Java's Gereja Ayam, a devoted man's enduring contribution to folk architecture.
2018/03/30 | Gerald Wang
OPINION: National Taiwan University's Integrity Is Under Siege
A current student gives an inside view of a university in denial over the controversies surrounding its president-elect.
2018/03/28 | Policy Forum
China Scholars Issue Open Letter to Protest Australia's Draft Spy Bill Amendment
The draft bill criminalizes receiving information deemed harmful to the national interest and radicalizes debate on China.
2018/03/06 | Rosemary Chen
FEATURE: Is Taiwan Ready for an Automated Future? (Part 2)
Taiwan's educational landscape is shifting as parents and institutions adapt to a future that mandates coding skills from middle school through to university.
2018/02/08 | Nate Maynard
Tainan's Student 'Resource Wizards' Tap into the Circular Economy
One program at National Cheng Kung University is trying to push new concepts that go beyond recycling.
2018/02/06 | Jonathan Sullivan
Balancing Perspectives in the Teaching of Chinese Students
Teaching overseas Chinese students presents a unique but by no means insurmountable challenge.
2018/01/31 | Xiaochen Su
OPINION: Universities Must Act on Chinese Enclaves
Universities must act on the overwhelming cultural and linguistic influence of Chinese students on international campuses.
2018/01/11 | Adam Hatch
GUIDE: How to Go to College in Taiwan
Studying at university in Taiwan is relatively easy to arrange, inexpensive and has a range of extracurricular upsides.
2018/01/05 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: We love Hakka? Maybe It's Time to Let It Go
The maintenance of Taiwan's Hakka culture depends on more than government support for the language.