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2018/05/11 | James Baron
Moroccan Chef Brings Taste of Marrakesh to Taipei
A Moroccan native makes his way in Taipei by making mouths water.
2018/05/09 | Jeremy Firster
Block Guardian: An Open Letter to Taiwan's Crypto Community
Block Guardian is a bi-weekly column from The News Lens and Blockcamp offering news and insight on crypto and token economics from Taiwan.
2018/05/04 | The Conversation
‘Pro-Poor’ Tourism Falls Flat in India's Varanasi
Tourism is a mainstay of the Indian economy, but attempts to spread the wealth have come up short.
2018/04/29 | David Green
Q&A: The Student Investing 101 from Rookie Fund's Stephanie Tang
Essential reading for students or anyone else interested in venture capital flows in Asia.
Mismanagement Lies at Roots of Taiwan's Land Shortage
Economists suggest the government needs to more clearly coordinate land use policy and economic strategy before re-zoning idle land.
2018/04/26 | The Interpreter
Despite New Discovery, Japan Can't Match China's Rare Earth Dominance
Japan's discovery of 16 million tons of high-value metals on the ocean floor means little if they cannot exploit them.
2018/04/25 | If Lin
INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwan’s Industrial Sector Stokes Electricity Crisis
The debate over Taiwan’s electricity shortage revolves around generating power and the sources it comes from, but it's worth considering the other end of the equation – where does it all go?
2018/04/20 | Kathy Cheng
Taiwan's Online Tourism Marketing Spends Public Money for Nothing
Taiwan's online tourism marketing is nothing short of a disgrace.
Can Virtual Currency Be Taiwan's Financial Savior?
Taiwan is in a race against its neighbors to get its head around cryptocurrencies.
2018/04/20 | AsiaGlobal Online
Fighting Back Against 'The China Hustle'
China needs to think internationally in order to reform its teetering stock markets.
2018/04/20 | Olivia Contini
Guangzhou's 'Food Bus' Offers Travelers a Taste of Town
Fifteen famous restaurants in China's southern city are connected by a new bus route.
2018/04/20 | Morley J Weston
Thailand vs Taiwan: Who Wins the Startup Head to Head?
A debate between the advantages of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan has Taiwan come out looking alright.
2018/04/18 | The Conversation
How China's Winemakers Are Catching Up the World
Chinese wine was once hardly better than pruno, but the country's vineyards are quickly coming up in the world.
'Five Shortages' Are Holding Taiwan Back
Taiwan's growth and investment are restricted by five scarce resources -- land, water, power, manpower and talent.