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2020/07/10 | every little d
Animal Crossing Movies May Be the Next Big Trend in Video Gaming
Beneath all the attention on eGamers and Twitch streams, there has been a rise in new professions within the gaming industry. In-game photographers, and video game directors are at the vanguard of the industries increasing focus on art.
2020/07/09 | Abby Huang
TSMC Makes 'World's Largest' Corporate Green Power Purchase Agreement
TSMC will purchase the entire productive capacity of two wind farms off the coast of Changhua, Taiwan. According to Ørsted, the agreement is the largest of its kind in the world.
2020/06/17 | Daphne K. Lee
This Taiwanese Company Had a Contact Tracing Solution Before Covid-19
Demand for tracking devices has surged during Covid-19. Founders of Taiwan-based THLight Co. explain why.
2020/06/16 | Michael Fahey
Taiwan's Plan to Attract Foreign Talent
Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has made attracting skilled workers a major goal. Legal consultant Michael Fahey gives an overview of Taiwan’s immigration policy and the remaining gaps.
2020/05/26 | Milo Hsieh
What TSMC and Taiwan Have to Gain From Planned US Factory
TSMC's proposed factory in Arizona would grant one of Taiwan's most important companies direct access to the U.S. market.
2020/05/22 | Daphne K. Lee
Did Taiwan Miss the Boat to Change Its Work Culture?
Given Taiwan's much-lauded pandemic response, remote work was barely an option for many office workers. Taiwan might have missed the chance to leave its factory work mindset behind.
2020/05/20 | Deutsche Welle
'Make in India' Looking to Take on China's Tech Industry
India's tech factories may be the big winner as rich countries around the world are rethinking globalization and their heavy reliance on China as the coronavirus pandemic slows down.
2020/05/18 | TNL Staff
TSMC Ceases Huawei Orders After New US Restrictions
In ceasing Huawei orders, TSMC is taking the side of the U.S. in its trade war with China.
2020/04/27 | Daphne K. Lee
Not Tossing Around Coins: Taiwan’s Economic Stimulus In Light of Covid-19 Success
Taiwan's stimulus package is proportionately smaller than that of other countries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the Taiwanese government and analysts think it's enough.
2020/04/20 | Coco Dollanganger
How Is the Philippines Plotting Its Tourism Recovery?
The Philippine government, resort chains, and travel influencers are each trying to keep the country's tourism industry afloat while planning its post-pandemic recovery.
2020/04/17 | Voice of America
Trump Announces Plan to Reopen US Economy
U.S. President Donald Trump announced a three-step plan titled "Opening Up America Again" to reopen businesses.
Agave Can Be Used For Biofuel and Hand-Sanitizers, Researchers Say
Researchers from the University of Sydney argue that agave is a potential a sustainable source of biofuel and hand-sanitizers.
2020/04/03 | Seb Morgan
Your Guide To Taiwan’s Tomb Sweeping Day 2020
A brief guide to Tomb Sweeping Day, updated for the coronavirus outbreak of 2020.
2020/03/31 | UBI Taiwan
OPINION: Why Taiwan Needs to Have Emergency Basic Income Now
Taiwanese government should be offering financial assistance to individuals directly instead of corporations.
2020/03/26 | East Asia Forum
China's Economic Growth Inextricable From the Rest of the World
Restoring China’s productive capacity in the coming weeks would require an unlikely revival of U.S. demand.
2020/03/19 | The Conversation
The Real Economic Victims of Coronavirus Are Those We Can't See
Supply chain workers are not directly employed by the brands for whom they produce goods, and can be left destitute when the work stops.