Will Israel-Hamas war affect India's economy?

Deutsche Welle

Affected by elevated oil cost amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, India is exploring alternative sources such as Russia, Guyana, Canada, Gabon, Brazil, and Colombia to mitigate potential disruptions in oil supply.


Consumer Price Should Be the Only Determinant of Minimum Wage

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan's minimum wage has become a key issue in the presidential election.Instead of using indicators such as per capita GDP, household consumption, and profits to determine minimum wage, research shows that faster wage growth boosts the macroeconomic environment and firm profitability.


Where is the global investment frenzy heading? Let Assured Asset Management share its insight

Over the past five to ten years, there have been numerous investment opportunities. However, how to seize early opportunities for the next decade? With its wealth of experience, Assured Asset Management shares its insight with you.


Taiwan’s New Minimum Wage Proposal Is Insufficient to Foster Economic Growth

Roy Ngerng

The Ministry of Labor has decided to increase the minimum wage in Taiwan from $26,400 to $27,470 for the future year. However, critics argue that this may not be enough to ensure a basic living standard nor foster economic growth.


Weak Yuan Worries Chinese Immigrants in US

Voice of America

The deflation in China, leading to unstable incomes and the depreciation of the yuan, has affected the livelihoods of Chinese people living in the US.


GARAOTUS partners with Wasai, Advantech, and Intel to improve disease research efficiency by 89%

High-performance computing (HPC) is a term used to describe high-performance computing. Recently, it has become an essential element of enterprise transformation as well as a key to enterprise innovation. However, based on the research statistics, it is found that when enterprises build HPC, up to 70% of their time is spent on hardware calibration, while only 30% of researchers' time is spent on core business; this situation not only causes the core team to spend too much time understanding software and hardware; it is more likely to cause significant delays in implementing the transformation.


Taiwan’s Stagnant Wages Has Caused Its Economy to Grow As Slowly As Other Developing Countries

Roy Ngerng

The contention of Lin Por-fong, chairperson of the Third Wednesday Club, to tie minimum wage growth to GDP growth is criticized. It is argued that Taiwan’s economy can only expand if the minimum wage is raised at a faster pace.


Lithuania and Estonia Have Caught up With Taiwan. Will Taiwan Raise Its Minimum Wage Faster?

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s stagnant wages have led to economic growth stagnation, putting it at risk of having the lowest minimum wage among advanced countries.


Taiwan and India:Strategizing the Relations

India has been regarded as one of the major partner countries under Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy. From the Indian perspective, prospects of India-Taiwan relations have never been better. Immense potential in these bilateral relations needs to be developed further.


20 Reasons Why Hiking the Minimum Wage Is Good for Taiwan (Part 2)

Roy Ngerng

On September 8th, the Basic Wage Deliberation Committee will convene its annual meeting to review the new level of the minimum wage for the year 2024. The latter part of the article explains the fringe benefits that an increase in the minimum wage will bring to Taiwan's society.

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