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2017/02/20 | Andrea Baldini
Postindustrial Masterpiece: Shanghai’s Power Station of Art
The museum’s eclectic mix of old and new reveals an offbeat official approach to urban redevelopment.
2017/02/16 | TNL Staff
INFOGRAPHIC: How Wide Does the Sky Lantern Clean-Up Need to Be?
The once annual event has now turned into a daily tourist attraction that harms the environment.
2017/02/16 | Kyodo News
'Dekotora' Art Trucks Find Way into Gucci's Commercial Video
Dekotora trucks became known across Japan due to the popular movie series "Torakku Yaro" (Truck Guys) in the 1970s, featuring a trucker who drove his flamboyantly decorated truck across the country.
2017/02/16 | Julia Mayer
Anlong Veng Calling: The Last Khmer Rouge Stronghold
Julia Mayer reports from the remote frontier town that is keeping alive the dying days of Cambodia’s murderous Khmer Rouge regime.
2017/02/15 | Cinema Escapist
INTERVIEW: Documenting China's Women's Rights Activist Ye Haiyan
'I was just so curious what kind of person she was, and why she would act this way. So I decided I would meet with her no matter what,' says filmmaker Nanfu Wang.
2017/02/15 | James Baron
Odd Couple: Fuxing's Flak Towers Provide Blast from Taiwan's Past
While the towers are unlikely to scoop an award for aesthetics, they provide a glimpse of a period of Taiwan's modern history that, like their embrasures, expands to offer a macroscopic view when probed.    
2017/02/14 | Mo Tz-pin
Valentine's Day: 'Crush this Love Capitalism'
'Religious overtones have been twisted and turned into a vehicle to make money.'
Kung-Fu Yoga: China's Soft Power Drive Goes Awry
Reviews have slammed it as a "mangled mess" and a "snoozefest masquerading as a film," but what else does it say about China's soft power drive?
2017/02/14 | Hunter Marston
Lifting the Shadows on a Secret War
BOOK REVIEW: Joshua Kurlantzick's 'A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA' (New York, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2017), reviewed by Hunter Marston.
2017/02/13 | Jeffrey Hutton
In Indonesia, Women Take a Stand Against Everyday Graft
When it comes to fighting corruption, a group of women are challenging their peers to look in the mirror.
2017/02/13 | Sarah Karacs
The Thai Occult Taking Hong Kong by Storm
The Thai amulet trade is growing in Hong Kong, making waves in China, and has factions in Singapore and Malaysia.
2017/02/12 | Slobodan Tomic
BOOK REVIEW: Crisis in Sports Governance: Exploring Anti-Doping Policy and Other Battlegrounds (Part Two)
The book may not be aimed at a wider readership, but it will provide scholars and anti-doping professionals with a fuller picture of some key issues surrounding the phenomenon of anti-doping regulation, writes Dr. Slobodan Tomic.
2017/02/11 | Slobodan Tomic
BOOK REVIEW: Crisis in Sports Governance: Exploring Anti-Doping Policy and Other Battlegrounds (Part One)
In 'The Edge: The War Against Cheating and Corruption in the Cutthroat World of Elite Sports,' the goal, however, is not to provide answers. The objective is to open a door to a fascinating topic so you can think about sport in new ways. Sports needs more thinking, more debate, and more out-in-the-open discussion.
2017/02/10 | Nina Huang
The Shallow, Implausible Women Flooding Chinese TV Dramas
Why are legions of poorly rendered female protagonists leaping from fan fiction onto screens?
2017/02/08 | Steven Crook
South Taiwan’s Hakka Strongholds (Part One)
Taiwan’s southern half is a stronghold of Taiwanese Holo culture, and it’s where you will find the ancient former capital, Tainan, as well as Kaohsiung. At the same time, the south has intriguing pockets of Hakka culture and tradition waiting to be explored.
2017/02/08 | Olivia Yang
PHOTO STORY: Graffiti Loud and Legal in Taipei
Graffiti artists from around the world have come to this landmark to practice and exhibit.