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The Uncertain Future of India’s ‘Land of Toys’
Channapatna’s wooden creations are on the brink of fading out in the next couple of decades.
2017/05/28 | Saigoneer
Viet Rap Meets French Hip-Hop
As Vietnam’s underground hip-hop scene begins to emerge into the spotlight, one of its rising stars joins forces with an up-and-coming foreign artist to create a track for worldwide release.
2017/05/28 | TNL 編輯
Six Stationery Brands and Select Shops in Taipei
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for stationery brands and stores to check out in Taipei.
2017/05/27 | TNL 編輯
Six Makerspaces to Visit in Taipei
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for makerspaces to check out in Taipei.
2017/05/27 | Saigoneer
A Very Vietnamese Take on Adult Coloring Books
The ambitious project has produced a set of vector files for 250 of the most common patterns from Vietnam’s various imperial eras.
2017/05/26 | Olivia Yang
INTERVIEW: Simon Chang, the Only Taiwanese Photographer Documenting Refugees in Slovenia
The world is unfair, but through the lenses of Taiwanese photographer Simon Chang, we are all just human.
2017/05/25 | Chen Xianjiang
Why the Fan Economy Won’t Save China’s Music Industry
To ensure high-quality releases, record companies must focus on selling songs, not people.
2017/05/25 | Shannon Lin
Re-Imagining the Formosan Flag: Taiwan's First Appeal for International Help
'The difference between the two tigers is hidden in their eyes; the obverse side has undilated pupils while the reverse has dilated ones. Researchers believe this contrast is a metaphor for day and night, symbolizing constant vigilance.'
The Allure of Joget Gamelan
The project draws together the successors of the last royal dancers and musicians of the Terengganu court tradition with local school students residing in Kota Terengganu.
2017/05/23 | FORTUNE
Can China Save Hollywood?
Chinese tastes are changing U.S. films as studios woo audiences abroad.
2017/05/18 | Audrey Jiajia Li
A Few Home Truths Revealed in China's ‘House of Cards’
'With the clear aim of celebrating President Xi Jinping’s campaign to crack down on corrupt tigers and flies', the drama not only marked the end of a 13-year-long ban on the production and broadcast of corruption-themed TV shows, it was also granted unprecedented flexibility by the censors,' wrote Chinese independent filmmaker Audrey Jiajia Li.
2017/05/17 | ZiQing Low
Remembering Green Island’s First Political Prisoners
Today marks 66 years since the first group of political prisoners were taken to Taiwan’s Green Island.
2017/05/17 | Sana Saleem
Washing Machine Ad Making Light of Domestic Violence Causes Outrage in Pakistan
The company has since apologized for the leaked ad admitting that their 'judgment was flawed' and have requested that 'all social media pages remove this ad as it has not been officially released or endorsed by Kenwood.'
2017/05/16 | ZiQing Low
China Issues Banned and Required Terminology for Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea
'Under no condition should “President (or Vice President) of the Republic of China” be used to refer to the leaders of Taiwan, even if it is put in quotation marks.'