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2017/07/21 | Simon Chadwick
China's Football Play Sees Xi Pushing Others Offside
President Xi Jinping may be leading the line in China’s football grand plans, but recent moves have caught others in the world game offside, Simon Chadwick writes.
No Space for Democracy: Political Dissidence in Colonial and Contemporary Hong Kong
'Beijing may well demand that Britain refrains from interference now that China exercises control of the territory. Ultimately, Britain was equally firm in resisting Chinese intervention at the height of the Cold War.'
2017/07/19 | Michael Beltran
Filipino Film Makes Class Division Relevant Again
'The politics of identity suppose that minorities bear the brunt of social exclusion, which is true in many cases. But there is always an underlying class element.'
2017/07/18 | Shannon Lin
PHOTO STORY: Sustainable Grain Cropping and 'Adopting' a Paddy Field on Taiwan's Northeast Coast
A new venture between local farmers and an agricultural company are letting people experience the life of a rice farmer in Yilan county.
Nearly One in Three Taiwanese Kids Suffer Mental Disorders - Study
Among 100,000 children in Taiwan, 3,100 have thought of taking their own lives, according to the findings of the three-year study.
2017/07/16 | Cinema Escapist
INTERVIEW: Director Tom Waller on Profiling Thailand's Last Gunshot Executioner
Bangkok-based director Tom Waller talks about his experiences profiling Thailand's last gunshot executioner and why so few Thai films make it big internationally.
2017/07/14 | Hutch Wilco
Mute Museums? Not If You’re Chinese
While foreign visitors may think the country’s prized collections lack context, they’re still accessible to a domestic audience.
2017/07/13 | Fan Yiying
Plus-Size Models Challenge China’s Beauty Standards
A maturing market for plus-size fashion brings models more opportunities alongside its own set of strict physical requirements.
2017/07/13 | Shannon Lin
FEATURE: Taiwanese Rediscovering their History in the Streets of Taipei
The rise of walking tours: A rejuvenated interest in Taiwan’s past is changing tourism for visitors and locals alike.
2017/07/11 | Saigoneer
Saigon's Tattoo Culture Flourishes with Changing Attitudes
In Vietnam, tattoos have long had a reputation as the tell-tale stamp of gangsters and prisoners. However, the past decade has seen an awakening of the tattoo industry, particularly in major cities like Saigon and Hanoi.
Korea's First Black Model is Facing Widespread Racism
Some mixed-race children in South Korea are bullied at school and constantly taunted as 'tuigi,' a derogatory term that literally means cross-bred animals.
2017/07/10 | Olivia Yang
PHOTO STORY: Taiwan's Oldest Salt Field
Salt fields ran along the shoreline of southern Taiwan for more than 300 years, before they were abandoned in 2002.
2017/07/08 | TNL Staff
Six Tea Houses to Visit in Taipei
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for tea houses to check out in Taipei.
On the Front Lines of Taiwan's History in Kinmen
Once the focal point of hostilities between China and Taiwan, the Kinmen archipelago has evolved into a fascinating tourist destination.
2017/07/07 | Jichang Lulu
Using Religion Against Itself: State-Managed Buddhism and Chinese-Mongolian Relations
Tibetan Buddhist soft power will likely continue to evolve as a tool of Chinese policy towards Mongolia, Russia, the Himalayas, the Tibetan diaspora, Western Buddhists and international Buddhist organizations.
2017/07/06 | Saigoneer
Black Teeth: How Vietnam's Hottest Beauty Regimen Went from Vogue to Obscurity
Once the hallmark of youthful beauty in Vietnam, nowadays dyeing one’s teeth black is a dying custom that can only be spotted in the country’s oldest generation.