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2016/09/23 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Organic Soap Brand in Hot Water over Factory Permits
A well-known Taiwanese organic soap brand, which is exported around Asia, has allegedly been making products in factories without permits.
2016/09/12 | Mo Tz-pin
Startup Conference Helps Fight Fear of Failure
‘What is stopping people from launching startups is not failure, but the fear of failing.’
2016/09/08 | Samantha Kong
For Young Americans, a Chance to Teach and Learn in Taiwan
A total of 80 English teaching assistants will serve in schools in six locations around Taiwan this year.
2016/09/08 | Li Xueqing
Women Feel Discrimination Crunch in China Tech World
Female employees trying to make a name for themselves in digital circles encounter sexism and inequality.
2016/09/06 | Matthew Fulco
Hospitality and Retail Brands Channel the Good Life in Taiwan
Taiwan’s rising emphasis on high-quality lifestyle has spurred a wave of new homegrown brands offering everything from premium accommodations to inventive cuisine.
2016/08/25 | Mo Tz-pin
Ten Questions: Yourator
A new Taiwanese company wants to help the local start-up scene and encourages young people to take the road less traveled.
2016/08/24 | Hsu Chia-yu
Taiwan PhD Graduates Face Growing Difficulties in Job Market
Taiwanese are learning the hard way that a PhD is no longer a guarantee to a successful career.
2016/08/23 | Timothy Ferry
Taiwan Tech Finds Role in Education
Innovative approaches to learning are creating new business opportunities.
2016/08/12 | ZiQing Low
Chinese Startup Hubs Attract Taiwanese Youth
The Chinese government is using large incentives to recruit Taiwanese students in China and encouraging them to launch startups.
2016/08/11 | Mo Tz-pin
Ten Questions: Smartcasual
The News Lens International’s 'Ten Questions' series takes a closer look at the budding start-up scene in Taiwan and further afield.
2016/08/11 | ZiQing Low
Taiwan Can't Revoke Deportation of S Koreans in Hydis Case, Court says
A court in Taiwan has ruled it cannot revoke a decision by immigration officials to deport a group of South Koreans who were on hunger strike in protest against a Taiwanese company.
2016/08/10 | Beyonder Times
Slush CSO on Taiwan’s Startups: Youth Must Take the Lead
'Taiwan’s young people, don’t be afraid, go ahead and give it a try; Taiwan’s seniors, let go, trust what youths can do!'
2016/08/05 | ZiQing Low
Facebook Brings Female Entrepreneur Campaign To Taiwan
Facebook has brought its 'She Means Business' campaign to Taiwan, but a lot more needs to be done to level the playing field.
2016/08/02 | Olivia Yang
Behind the Award-Winning Tableware Set for People With Dementia
'I didn’t know what my next step would be. I would sleep for a couple of hours and then jump out of bed to keep developing my plan.'
2016/07/28 | Shuhei Omi
Price Warfare Harming Taiwan's IT Sector, Academic Says
A National Taiwan University academic criticizes 'outdated' government subsidies and the direction of the Taiwanese IT sector.
2016/07/21 | Beyonder Times
Emmy Award Winner's Start Up in Taiwan: More Than Complicated
An Emmy Award-winning entrepreneur says the tech industry in Taiwan is cutting-edge and encourages international entrepreneurs to find talent on the island-nation.
2016/07/04 | Yuan-ling Liang
Taiwan Unions Buoyed by China Airlines Success
While some unions have leveraged the success of the flight attendants' strike, other industries face challenges in worker organization and collective bargaining.
2016/06/23 | Olivia Yang
[UPDATE] China Airlines Flight Attendants Strike, Flights Cancelled
The result of a vote held by the Taoyuan Flight Attendants' Union is allowing China Airlines flight attendants to legally strike.