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2017/06/22 | Rosemary Chen
The Rise of Taiwan's College Dropouts
More and more students are dropping out of Taiwan’s most prestigious colleges to follow their passions — and it may not be the worst financial decision they make.
2017/05/14 | Olivia Yang
Q&A: Jobalaya, the Introvert-friendly Job Referral Platform
'Because of the way companies recruit people today, it’s very easy to have a skewed workforce that is mostly extroverts or promotes people who are extroverts,' says Ellie Chang, CEO and founder of Jobalaya. 'But to many people’s surprise, introverts can actually be good leaders.'
2017/05/13 | Olivia Yang
Q&A: CakeResume, Creating the Interactive Resumes of the Future
'In the internet era, you probably need more multimedia elements if you are creating an online document, which is hard to layout with Google Docs. If I can optimize CakeResume to be as stable as Google Docs, then it will be the editor of a new generation.'
2017/03/06 | Olivia Yang
Facebook to Launch Startup Accelerator in Taiwan
FbStart is a global program designed to help mobile app startups build and grow their products.
2017/02/06 | Liu Sha
WeWork Carves Out Space in China’s Cluttered Office Market
Managing director Ole Ruch says the sharing economy is on the cusp of becoming a ‘powerful force’ in China.
2017/01/21 | The Japan Times
Varied Agenda in Japan's Wage Talks
The behavior and mindset of Japanese businesses need to change in order to fundamentally address the labor problems in the country.
2017/01/19 | Olivia Yang
Why Aren't Social Businesses Booming in Taiwan?
'I’ve seen many Taiwanese social businesses trying very hard and are doing a good job, but the international community doesn’t see their efforts.'
2017/01/12 | The Japan Times
Trump Meddling In Toyota’s Affairs
Trump's future economic policies are causing worldwide concerns for free trade in international businesses.
2017/01/05 | Steven Crook
Taiwan’s Export Processing Zones: Forward-looking at 50
Previously home to light, assembly-type industries, Taiwan's exporting zones now mainly serve tech-oriented electronics operations.
Central Asia’s Tortured Chinese Love Affair
Moscow’s annexation of Crimea and policy towards Ukraine has made the governments of Central Asia uneasy.
2016/11/12 | Kathy Cheng
The Five Least Business-Friendly Practices in Taiwan
If Taiwanese businesses want consumers’ respect, they need to earn it. Playing it cheap and chanting 'cha bu duo' has never worked, and it never will.
2016/11/01 | Yee Yan Leong
Back to Basics: Why Communicating Starts with Being Human
'It is a good sign if companies are planning to do more to connect with customers, but when the basics are weak, everything else is secondary'
2016/10/21 | David Green
OPINION: Taiwanese Companies Must Learn To Value Communications
If Taiwan is aiming to promote many of its industries at international events, companies need to seriously consider to what it is they are promoting and how they intend to communicate it.
2016/09/30 | Mark Stocker
OP-ED: Is Corporate Stalemate Killing Taiwan’s Future?
Without addressing the virus of high 'power distance,' Taiwanese firms will be unsuccessful in their transition to new business models with higher growth and higher margins.
2016/09/28 | Malaysiakini
Malaysian Taxi Drivers Protest Uber, Grab
Popular ride-sharing apps like Uber continue to cause headaches for taxi drivers and lawmakers in Asia.