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2017/11/17 | Cat Thomas

Shopping, Sleeping, and Not Driving Drunk: Taipei Startups to Watch Out For

We look at four emerging companies from this year's MeetTaipei startup festival that are on track to profitability.

2017/11/20 | Jomo JS

For Malaysia, the Dream of TPP is Turning into a Nightmare

Jomo JS argues that the original Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Agreement had little to offer Malaysia — but the absence of the US makes the agreement nonsensical.

2017/11/20 | David Green

VIDEO: Confessions of a Far Eastern Air Transport Flight Attendant

Union members suggest the dispute with airline Far Eastern Air Transport highlights the lack of protections afforded to employees.

2017/11/24 | If Lin

Yes, 'Death by Overwork' Is a Real Thing in Taiwan

Taiwan may experience death by overwork on similar levels as in Japan.

2017/11/27 | TNL Staff

Closure of Hsinchu Homebox Branch Results in Strikes, Arrests

A breakdown in negotiations led disgruntled employees to block the entrance to a Hsinchu store and scuffle with police.

2017/12/22 | Yulin

Taiwan's Biggest Problem is Pay, Not Hours

Taiwan is pretty average in East Asia when it comes to paid holidays and work hours, but stagnant wages remain a major drag.

2018/01/09 | Ting-Yu Chao

Labor Law Protests Continue as Lawmakers Convene

This is the latest in months of protests over the anticipated passage of revisions to a law originally intended to protect workers' rights.

2018/02/22 | TJ Ting

OPINION: Small Benefits Are Holding Taiwan's Workers Back

Is the 'happy company' phenomenon a mask for deeper workplace dissatisfaction?

2018/03/01 | Morley J Weston

EyeCTV's Parody Pokes Fun at the ROC and PRC Alike

The parody YouTube channel offers an important platform to highlight the humorous side of cross-Strait relations.

2018/03/05 | Rosemary Chen

FEATURE: Is Taiwan Ready for an Automated Future? (Part 1)

As Taiwan's economy races to embrace AI and automation, some question whether the government is doing enough to prepare the workforce for the future.

2018/04/04 | China Labour Bulletin

OPINION: Job Recruitment in China is Depressingly Sexist

Workplace discrimination and dismissive attitudes continue to discredit many women across China.

2018/06/04 | James X. Morris

Migrant Workers Accuse HTC of Document Forgery, Labor Violations

More than 20 migrant laborers came together to protest what they claim is a cycle of falsified documents and exploitation at HTC's factories.

2018/06/07 | China Labour Bulletin

Wage Cuts Drive China's Online Food Delivery Workers to Strike

Workers around China are protesting against wages cuts and poor working conditions amid cut-throat competition in the online food delivery market.

2018/06/22 | The Third Pole

Paw Prints: Photographing the Majestic Snow Leopard in the Himalayas

Tashi Ghale talks about the joy and disappointments of capturing one of the world's most elusive predators on camera.

2018/06/22 | TIME

Warnings from the Past: Chinese Tomb Whispers of Primate Extinction

An ancient Chinese tomb has yielded the remains of a previously unknown extinct species of gibbon.

2018/06/25 | China Labour Bulletin

China's Tech Workers Endure Slave-like Conditions in Shenzhen

Shenzhen’s tech workers face burnout striving for their entrepreneurial dream, highlighting the need for effective unionization.