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2018/07/02 | AsiaGlobal Online
Addressing the Problem of Corruption in the Asia-Pacific
Corruption is the elephant in the room when it comes to improving economic efficiency in Asia.
China's Guangdong Province Raises Minimum Wages for First Time in 3 Years
The minimal adjustment comes amid reluctance from local government to raise costs for businesses.
2018/06/25 | AsiaGlobal Online
STUDY: Culture a Major Barrier to Digitizing Asia's Fashion Factories
A study on a factory in Thailand shows how with the right corporate culture, digitization can empower textiles workers.
2018/06/25 | Saigoneer
VIETNAM: Why Wind Energy Dream Remains Hot Air
Low electricity prices and lofty targets threaten to undermine Vietnam's wind power plans.
2018/06/19 | TIME
Trump Escalates Tit for Tat Tariff War with China
The Trump administration shows no signs of tamping down the rhetoric on China's unfair trade practices.
Taiwan's 2025 Energy Goals Demand an 'Energy 'Czar'
Taiwan's desire to abandon nuclear and cultivate renewables demands a dedicated body, according to AmCham Taipei.
2018/06/15 | Mongabay
Ever Heard of Thorium? It's the Nuclear Fuel Even Indonesia Is Considering
A little known yet arguably safer and more plentiful nuclear fuel, thorium, is making a comeback in traditionally anti-nuclear Indonesia.
2018/06/15 | East Asia Forum
Malaysia Takes Stock of Government-linked 'Monster' Companies
Malaysia is to first assess the role GLCs should play before undertaking reform.
2018/06/15 | TIME
Flush from Singapore Success, Trump OKs $35-55 Bln Tariffs on Chinese Imports
After his foreign policy foray in Asia, Trump is returning to his core message of economic nationalism.