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2017/02/20 | Timothy Ferry
Blueprint of a Heist: Cracking Taiwan's US$2.5m ATM Hack
Looking back at the First Bank’s ATM heist, one of Taiwan's biggest ever robberies.
2017/02/15 | Chris Horton
APEC: Taiwan’s Most Important International Forum
Given the current cross-Strait climate, Taiwan’s role in APEC is arguably more important than ever, writes Chris Horton.
2017/02/14 | Victor Shih
China Faces the Impossible Trinity
The People’s Bank of China is walking a tightrope.
2017/02/12 | Matthew Phan
Interwoven with Banks: Shadow Banking in China
Deposit rate liberalization in China was a big step forward but the country still has work to do in improving transparency, loss-bearing and risk pricing in the financial system.
2017/02/10 | Gary Lai
OPINION: Should China Buy American Gas to Support the One Belt, One Road Project?
'The U.S. will almost certainly see the benefits of collaborating with China.'
China and 'Banking on Growth Models'
The key problem with China’s state capitalism is that it misallocates capital, is increasingly dysfunctional and is under-allocating credit to the private and household sectors.
2017/02/08 | Peter Wood
Chinese Acquisitions Undercut Taiwan, US Semiconductor Industry Edge
Taiwan’s position as a keystone of the global supply of semiconductors is strong, but rapidly eroding.
2017/02/06 | Rosemary Chen
Taiwan Hits Record Tourist Numbers Despite Plunge in Chinese
A record 10.7 million people visited Taiwan in 2016 with a boost in tourists from Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia offsetting a sharp decline in Chinese.
2017/02/02 | Edward White
Uber’s Taiwan Suspension: 'Digital Minister' Responds
Amid an ongoing regulatory battle with the government, Uber today said it would suspend operations in Taiwan.
2017/02/02 | TNL Staff
BREAKING: Uber Suspends Operations in Taiwan
Uber has faced a hostile regulatory environment in Taiwan and a growing mountain of fines.
2017/02/02 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Beware Risks in China’s Economy
Japan braces for the impact of jitters in the Chinese economy.
2017/01/31 | Hannah Wurf
Xi Jinping, the Savior of Globalization?
Xi’s opaque ambition, combined with the weakening of US global power, means there will continue to be contradictory narratives around what he stands for - as well as some wishful thinking, writes Hannah Wurf.
Fungus Among Us: The History of Mushrooms in Taiwan
Taiwan has a long history of growing a wide variety of mushrooms, and was once a major exporter.
2017/01/28 | Geoff Goodwin
BOOK REVIEW: 'Green Growth: Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives'
In 'Green Growth: Ideology, Political Economy and the Alternatives' editors Gareth Dale, Manu V. Mathai and Jose Puppim de Oliveira bring together a range of contributors to challenge the green growth paradigm and outline alternative approaches. This is a rigorous and compelling book that Geoff Goodwin recommends to all those looking to better understand our current environmental crisis.
China Returns to ‘Bird in the Cage’ Economic Policy
Short-term policy changes in 2017 China will have lasting consequences for the greater Asia Pacific long-term economic forecast.