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Will Special Economic Zones Work for Myanmar?
Than Tun and Trevor Wilson dive into the challenges and opportunities SEZ's have for Myanmar.
2017/07/05 | Maria Zhivitskaya
Book Review: How Bankers Lied, Cheated and Colluded to Rig the World’s Most Important Number
In 'The Fix: How Bankers Lied, Cheated and Colluded to Rig the World’s Most Important Number,' Liam Vaughan and Gavin Finch offer a multidimensional journalistic account of the Libor scandal, drawing on interviews, court testimony and legal evidence. With the book unraveling like an engaging detective story and full of lively portraits of key characters, Maria Zhivitskaya only wishes that it was longer.
2017/07/03 | Edward White
Q&A: Susan Finder Deconstructs the Chinese Court System
'It is still a court system with Chinese characteristics but the idea is to have a more competent court system for the millions of cases that are not political.'
2017/07/03 | Linh Tong
Vietnam is Churning Out 300 New Startups a Day
Vietnam has seen almost 40,000 new startups with a total registered investment of US$17 billion in the first four months of 2017 alone.
2017/07/03 | Purnendra Jain.
Japan, India and China Facing Off in Africa
India’s links with Africa go back to the early 20th century, when India was an active supporter of African independence and anti-colonial movements. Japan’s links with Africa are more recent and focus on aid and investment. Japan was a pioneering Asian nation in establishing a Japan–Africa forum in 1993 through the Tokyo International Conference on African Development.
2017/06/29 | Bishal Chalise
Concern as China's OBOR Hits the Himalayas
There are environmental and ecological concerns regarding the infrastructural projects linking China and Nepal.
Hong Kong Handover: Riding the Property Roller Coaster
'They bought their first apartment in 1970 for HK$45,000 (US$5,775), moving seven times before they splashed out HK$7.85 million on their Wonderland Villas home - it is now worth double that.'
2017/06/23 | Chen Na
Chinese Millennials’ Ferocious But Fragile Appetite for Viral Stores
China’s social media savvy food and drink establishments are enjoying hours-long queues, but experts warn their business model is vulnerable.
2017/06/23 | Yuan-Ming Chiao
Panama Braces for Chinese Tourist Boom
Industry insiders expect red tape to be slashed, easing the way for more Chinese tourists to visit the Central American nation that straddles two oceans with its renowned canal.
2017/06/21 | Chen Na
E-Commerce Giants Accused of Bullying Shops Into Cutting Prices
Liebo and LeTV say they were forced to offer exorbitant discounts for the June 18 shopping extravaganza.
India's Calculated Boycott of China's Belt and Road Forum
India is uneasy about Chinese designs for the region and how this challenges India’s own ‘neighborhood first’ approach.
Tackling Cancer in Taiwan Needs New Thinking
Many cancer drugs are not covered by Taiwan's NHI, leading to a steady increase in the proportion of self-payment.
2017/06/15 | He Xu
Why Anthropology is Becoming Big Business in China
Long considered a pointless pursuit, companies are now turning to experts in the hope of understanding the roots of consumer behavior.
The Politics of Chinese Real Estate Investment in Sydney
The result of our survey is that Sydneysiders have strong views about Chinese investment, despite the absence of reliable, fine-grained empirical data about their motivations and impacts.
Is Australian Sovereignty at Risk amid Torrent of Chinese Investment?
Australian exposure to Chinese investment is in actual fact limited and that Australian government and authorities have not hesitated to act in cases where Chinese investment have raised national security concerns.
2017/06/06 | Lu Hongyong
Why Shared Umbrellas Are Hardly Taking China By Storm
Fairweather investors and ill-considered business models are putting a damper on the industry’s future growth.
2017/06/05 | Justin Hugo
Stark Reality: Singaporeans Waking from the Housing Dream
[OPINION] How Singapore's pension-housing financing model squeezes its citizens.