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2018/01/18 | David Green
INTERVIEW: Making Remittances Easier for Asia's Migrant Workers
EMQ has made remittances easier in Hong Kong and now aims to expand into payments as it deepens its network in Asia and beyond.
2018/01/18 |
Malaysian Automaker Proton Offers 'Hokkien Discount'
Proton often offers special promotions to corporate clients, associations and even media organizations.
2018/01/12 | Sandee Woodside
Behind Taipei’s Safe Spaces for Women
Sandee Woodside delves into sources of support for women in Taiwan.
2018/01/09 | Ting-Yu Chao
Labor Law Protests Continue as Lawmakers Convene
This is the latest in months of protests over the anticipated passage of revisions to a law originally intended to protect workers' rights.
2018/01/09 | Matt Ferchen
OPINION: China's Development Aid Neither Develops nor Aids
Data suggests the majority of China's 'development' financing is based on commercial terms and that it does not contribute to economic growth in host counties.
2018/01/08 | David Green
Taiwan Shines a Light in the Darkness with Fintech Sandbox
The sandbox is a first step towards a more flexible regulatory approach as Taiwan attempts to compete in a global race to attract fintech talent and capital.
2018/01/08 | David Green
INTERVIEW: The DPP's Karen Yu on Political Disputes and Fintech Innovation
Taiwan's sandbox bill commanded bipartisan support but achieving it was no easy task.
2018/01/05 | Zhang Liping
Alipay Apologizes for Coaxing Customers into Revealing Credit Scores
China's 'social credit' system just grew a little more pervasive.
2017/12/29 | Chris Horton
US Tax Cuts Entice Taiwan Firms
Taiwan's top firms are looks anew at investing in the US, but while the door is open to the country's biggest companies, the SMEs that make up 90 percent of its companies still struggle to get a look in.
2017/12/28 | Yulin
'Facebook Live' Hosts Illegal Pet Market in Taiwan
One potential customer asked if they could raise an ostrich in their backyard.