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2018/03/19 | Mike Lee
OPINION: Despite a Shady Record, Hong Kong's Business 'Superman' Retires to Adulation
A reflection on the less outstanding elements of Li Ka-shing's track record as the Hong Kong business magnate retires.
What Gives with Taiwan's Low Wages?
Stagnant industry, falling investment, overly academic graduates and fiercer global competition are just a handful of the reasons why wages in Taiwan suck.
2018/03/16 | Nate Maynard
5 Highlights from Mapping Taiwan's Circular Economy Projects
Circular economy is something of an abstract concept, so here are five real world examples of CE projects in Taiwan.
2018/03/15 | David Green
Taiwan under Pressure over Illegal Fishing, Human Rights as EU Takes Stock
A video spotlighting Taiwan's ongoing problems with illegal fishing and human rights abuses aboard its offshore vessels could not have come at a worse time.
Clock Ticks on China's 2020 Rural Poverty Reduction Aims
Who should pay for China’s rural infrastructure – the state, collectives, business, or the villagers themselves? 
2018/03/13 | David Green
China's Development Aid Falls amid Switch to Belt and Road
China's organs of development finance are swinging towards Belt and Road Initiative countries as power generation projects take centerstage.
2018/03/13 | Brian Hioe
OPINION: Taiwan's Anti-nuclear Movement Needs Reinvigorating
Turnout for this year's anti-nuclear march was disappointing, even as the government shows signs it is willing to rely on nuclear power.
2018/03/07 | Hilton Yip
OPINION: Hong Kong Tech Funding Puts Shenzhen in the Loop
Hong Kong is stepping up funding for its tech sector, but major spending on a remote new facility is questionable.
2018/03/07 | David Green
AmCham Taipei Survey Calls for Labor Flexibility, Improved Policy Coordination
AmCham members positive over future but urge more action on labor flexibility and policy coordination.
2018/03/06 | David Green
MOX Batch 4: Lifting the Loneliness of Migratory Millennials
Companies from Argentina to South Korea offer mobile millennials reassurance and familiarity.
2018/03/05 | Jennifer Creery
No Country for Men: Meet the Feminist Farmers Championing Gender and Biodiversity
The ecofeminist community 'Land Dyke' gives hope to female farmers striving in a profession dominated by men.
2018/03/01 | Brian Hioe
OPINION: Taiwan's Toilet Paper Panic Highlights Conglomerate Power
The toilet paper panic hints at deep flaws in Taiwan's corporate structures.