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2017/05/29 | Ping Deng
What To Do When China Comes Calling: Sizing Up Foreign Direct Investment
When analyzing future Chinese investment, we need to recognize these inter-dependencies and the possible synergies and conflicts between them.
2017/05/26 | Ivana Casaburi
China's Eye Turns to Southern Europe
Even though the Chinese economy is growing less than in the previous years, China continues to increase its investment abroad in order to cover the needs of its new economic model.
2017/05/24 | Robert Taylor
Rise of the Yuan: China’s Overseas Investment Proceeds Apace
Chinese overseas investment is facing both opportunities and challenges. The Chinese leaders are projecting their country as the upholder and proponent of a global economic order in which they seek paramountcy.
2017/05/19 | Tao Kong
The Blurry World of Chinese Investment in Indonesia
Chinese investments in Indonesia are stirring up suspicions and confusion due to unmatching official numbers on the amount of Chinese money poured into the country.
2017/05/15 | Fahmida Khatun
The True Cost of a Tee-Shirt: Fixing Bangladesh’s Garments Industry
Bangladesh’s export-oriented ready-made garments (RMG) industry has made significant contributions to the country’s economic development over the last four decades. But this will come undone unless Bangladesh can make progress on workplace safety compliance and labor rights.
2017/05/13 | Yao Han
Book Review: How Emerging Powers Disrupted the Neoliberal Project by Kristen Hopewell
In 'Breaking the WTO: How Emerging Powers Disrupted the Neoliberal Project,' Kristen Hopewell argues that the active pursuit of their own interests by emerging powers leads neo-liberalism into stalemate. Using the World Trade Organisation (WTO) as an example, the book not only illustrates a power shift, but also that the demands of emerging powers embracing the existing rules make consensus harder to reach. Yao Han appreciates the bold and innovative interpretations of the power interactions behind the WTO offered by this work.
The Value of Foreign VCs to Chinese Firms
Broader policy implication supports China’s further moves to encourage overseas VC investment.
2017/05/04 | Morley J Weston
INFOGRAPHIC: Southeast Asia’s Electricity Paradox
Lights Out: Several countries in the region are exporting electricity before supplying it to their own people.
2017/04/29 | Damian Tobin
Is China on the Verge of a Banking Crisis?
A variety of indicators suggests that China has come perilously close to a banking crisis.
2017/04/26 | Niels Vandezande
Japan's Bitcoin Takeover: Virtual Currency Rules are Zen for Yen
Japan’s new legislation defining and recognizing virtual currencies not only offers a sound model for others – it’s already paying dividends in a rapidly growing fiscal frontier, writes Niels Vandezande.
China’s Unloading of FX Reserves, Spillbacks, and Quantitative Tightening
Once a widely held and an extremely desirable asset in the global economy, American debt is no longer the most desirable thing in the world.
2017/04/20 | Li Guangshou
Are Major Auditors Helping Chinese Firms Get Away with Fraud?
Market dominance by the Big Four accounting firms may be helping unscrupulous companies get listed on US stock exchanges.
2017/04/20 | Christine Wong
Rumbling of Reform in China’s Fiscal Foundations
Significant progress is being made towards building the foundations of a fiscal system to undergird rule-based governance.
Here's How to Get the Taiwan Economy Back on Course
As Taiwan faces unprecedented economic challenges, it needs to take stock of its strengths and unique characteristics as it seeks the best path forward.
2017/04/18 | David Green
Dive Shipwrecks in Taiwan Without Leaving the City
'Divecube is the only place in central Taiwan to get a diving license, unless you want to go and give it a try in Taichung harbor.'