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2017/11/16 | Sher Singh Verick
Why Developing Nations Need Not Fear Automation
Policymakers should respect not fear the automation cliff and focus on improving the overall quality of employment.
2017/11/14 | Sam Lee
Hong Kong's Government Has a Strange Problem — Too Much Money
Hong Kong brought in a lot of money this year, but will they spend it wisely?
2017/11/13 | David Green
DPP Bows to Big Business as Tsai Fails to Uphold Pledge to Protect Workers
After 2016 changes to the Labor Standards Act drew criticism for inflexibility and high costs, the latest round of changes give too much power back to bosses, leaving shift workers such as nurses and drivers particularly vulnerable.
2017/11/10 | Martin Hiesboeck
The Dangerous Arrogance of Taiwan's New Southbound Push
Taiwan's New Southbound Policy smacks of colonial arrogance and misallocates company resources. Taiwan must focus on profitable markets rather than convenient geographies.
2017/11/08 | Adam Hatch
Taiwan Isolated amid New TPP Trade Talks
Following the withdrawal of the U.S. in January, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement looked dead in the water. Yet with talks among the 11 remaining nations restarting in Japan and Vietnam, could a revised TPP leave the door open for Taiwan to join?
2017/11/07 | Sam Lee
Hong Kong’s Two-Tier Profit Tax Misses its SME Mark
In her first Policy Address, new Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam proposed a new two-tier profit tax system designed to ease the burden on small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). But only a small proportion of Hong Kong's businesses actually pay profit tax, and the likelihood is that a higher proportion of them are big businesses.
2017/11/03 | Marina Finley
By the Numbers: Taiwan's Failing Fintech Dream
Taiwan claims it aspires to be a fintech hub, but it has failed to even pass so-called 'sandbox' legislation that would enable the ecosystem to experiment and grow. Over-regulation, a lack of consolidation in the banking sector and the absence of a defined government strategy to grow the sector are all holding Taiwan back.
2017/11/03 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Taiwan Work Is Never Over
Taiwan has the sixth highest average work hours in the world, yet revisions to the Labor Standards Act suggested this week by the government roll back hard-fought victories for labor rights secured last year, and leave the door open for employers to exploit workers unprotected by unions.