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2018/01/16 | Jennifer Creery
REVIEW: Queer Taiwan Is a 'Heartfelt Attempt to Find Common Ground'
Queer Taiwan's first episode is a powerful documentary that explores life in LGBT communities in Taiwan through local queer voices and opposition groups.
2018/01/12 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Kim and Moon Dance on Thin Ice
Talks between North and South Korea are a fragile first step towards de-escalating conflict on the peninsula.
REVIEW: 'Parklife' Shows Contemporary Art in a Cosy Setting
This collection of mostly Taiwanese artists touches on subjects from food waste to psychedelics.
2017/12/09 | Darice D. Chang
MOVIE REVIEW: 'Tshiong' – Unabashedly Taiwanese Hyper Metal Madness
The long-awaited Chthonic movie will be released December at Kaohsiung Film Festival, but considering the band’s political stance and esoteric music, will it be too much for a Taiwanese – much less an international – audience?
2017/12/07 | Darice D. Chang
INTERVIEW: Heavy Punk Bank ChicKNUP – When Hunter Becomes Hunted
A striking music video featuring a lesbian couple by self-described ‘heavy punk’ band ChiKNUP puts viewers in a minority’s shoes.
2017/12/06 | Nadira Mulyandari
A Lifetime of Tolerance and Love Illuminates Indonesia
Amid growing intolerance in Indonesia, an elder example highlights the joy of friendship across racial and religious lines.
Can Golden Pin Award Raise Taiwan's Profile in the Design World?
The Golden Pin Design Award has some interesting stuff to show but stretches the point of design in asking for connections to Chinese culture.
2017/12/04 | Ed Jones
REVIEW: The Chinese Typewriter: A History
Thomas S. Mullaney’ argues that the creation of a Chinese typewriter therefore became a civilizational trial for a country that feared functioning in slow motion in the face of global acceleration.
2017/11/27 | David Frazier
Hong Kong's Clockenflap Is Taking Off
Hong Kong's rock festival scene is catching up with Japan but is becoming predictably commercialized.