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2018/05/02 | Evan Vitkovski
Taiwan's Historic Hip-hop Kids
A landmark exhibition shows how far Taiwanese hip-hop has come, but the underground still informs where it is heading.
2018/04/23 | Blacksmith Books
BOOK EXCERPT: 'Other Voices, Other Eyes: Expatriate Lives in Hong Kong'
'Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.' — Barbara Haines Howett
2018/04/20 | The Conversation
OPINION: Why You Should Read and Re-read 'Dream of the Red Chamber'
Besides offering a deep peek into Qing Dynasty culture, the classic novel remains relevant today for readers of all ages.
2018/04/19 | Jocelle Koh
INTERVIEW: Meimeiwawa’s Esther Veronin on Feminism in Taiwan
Ahead of a Girl Power Concert in Taichung, Esther Veronin traces her journey from starting out in Taiwan's male-dominated entertainment industry to becoming a feminist icon.
2018/04/14 | Morley J Weston
REVIEW: 'Like We Don't Exist' Casts a Light on One of Myanmar's Lesser-Known Ongoing Tragedies
A short film highlights the plight of the Karenni people and their liminal existence on the Thai-Myanmar border.
2018/04/04 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: China and US Bare Trade War Teeth
An escalating trade war benefits threatens to undermine the stability of the global economy.
2018/04/04 | Daniel Cunningham
In Taiwan, Even Funeral Services Can Count as 'Cultural and Creative'
Dan Cunningham writes that cultural and creative industries are thriving in Taiwan, but their loose definition means that almost any business can qualify.
2018/03/29 | David Green
INTERVIEW: Jay Lin on Taking Taiwanese Creative Content Overseas
Taiwan must improve its data curation and transparency if the Ministry of Culture is to succeed in its ambition to emulate the success of the Korean Wave.
2018/03/23 | The Conversation
China's 'New Retail' Breathes New Life into Physical Stores
China is streets ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to integrating online and offline retail.
2018/03/12 | I-fan Lin
Rebels and Rebellion in the Chinese Classics
Chinese literature isn't all dull stories about old men losing horses – there's plenty of drunken rebellion as well.