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2016/08/04 | Olivia Yang

Pianist Gwhyneth Chen Offers Lessons to 'Give Taiwanese Pianists An Opportunity'

'The funding problems faced by the competition raise a very real and serious question of whether classical music can survive in Taiwan in such a starved environment.'

2016/08/02 | Steven Crook

Chimei Museum’s Violins and Tools of Violence

Industrialist Shi Wen-long shares his eclectic and fascinating collection of art and artifacts through his private museum.

2016/08/02 | Olivia Yang

Online Media Mata Taiwan Bridges the Gap Between Aborigines and 'Han Chinese'

'Many non-Aborigines see Taiwan as one community that should come together to pursue a mutual goal, but the differences in Aborigine and Han consciousness need to be addressed for us to discuss a future together.'

2016/08/01 | Matthew Fulco

In Taipei, the Rising Sun Casts a Long Shadow

More than 70 years after Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan ended, Japan’s legacy endures in the Taiwanese capital.  

2016/07/29 | Yuan-ling Liang

Taiwan and U.S. Libraries Fall Victim to Copyright Infringement

A series of books on Amazon may be illegal copies of ancient books owned by the U.S. Library of Congress and Taiwan’s National Central Library.

2016/07/28 | Olivia Yang

Vending Machine Sells Picture Books Featuring Taiwan Aboriginal Culture

Since there was no bookstore in an aboriginal village in southern Taiwan, one man came up with an idea: a vending machine.

2016/07/27 | Austin Chad Willhoft

INTERVIEW: Taiwanese Artist Highlights Global Climate Change Through QR-Code Art

One of Taiwan’s less-known diplomatic allies, Tuvalu, is threatened by rising sea levels, and has inspired a Taiwanese artist to raise awareness of the issue through eco-art.

2016/07/27 | Jules Quartly

Your Home Away from Home – Camping in Taiwan

Camping is the ideal way to rest and relax in nature and has become an extremely popular leisure activity in Taiwan over the past decade. For good reason.  

2016/07/26 | Olivia Yang

Art a Social Responsibility, Taiwanese Mountain Trash Artist Says

'I keep telling myself my art isn’t just about being different on the outside. I want people to know the art I create is to make a difference in society.'

2016/07/26 | Steven Crook

Chiayi: Visiting the City of 'Commendable Righteousness'

The opening of the National Palace Museum branch in nearby Taibao is bringing more tourists to the area.

2016/07/22 | ZiQing Low

Taiwan’s Extinct Siraya Language Returns to Life

One of Taiwan's earliest Aboriginal writing systems, once thought to be extinct, will soon be taught in schools across Tainan.

2016/07/20 | Olivia Yang

Taipei Fine Arts Museum Adopts New Technology to Guide Visitors

A new app has been developed in Taipei to help guide museum and gallery visitors through exhibitions.

2016/07/18 | Edward White

Japanese-American Actress Apologizes to 'Everyone in China' for Instagram ‘Like’

'I was accused of posing offensively in front of a flag. I would also like to confirm, absolutely, that I am not in the picture.'

2016/07/15 | Chang Shin-wei

Swing Dancers Introduce Taipei to the World

'Naughty Swing' dancers performed at 30 tourist attractions around Taipei, including Chiou Fen, Ximen Red House, Bopiliao Old Street, the Shilin Night Market, and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

2016/07/15 | Yuan-ling Liang

Start-ups, Daily Flights and New Pact Strengthen Taiwan-France Relations

Relations between Taiwan and France are strengthening with a working holiday pact, start-up collaboration and an uptick in direct fights between Paris and Taipei.

2016/07/14 | Chang Shin-wei

Taiwanese Packaging Design Shines at International Design Awards

Innovative and practical Taiwan fish packaging design picks up nine international awards.

2016/07/14 | Thomas Kellogg

China and the End of Reform

BOOK REVIEW: ‘China’s Future,’ By David Shambaugh

2016/07/14 | Jessie Guy-Ryan

The World's Only Tiananmen Square Museum May Be Closing

A legal fight plus an ideological shift among young activists could end one of the few places where Chinese citizens can learn about the June 4th Massacre.