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2016/05/18 | TNL 編輯
Taiwan Independent Music Rocking International Audience
From May 18 to May 26, “Hello Taiwan,” a music event featuring several Taiwanese independent musicians including Paramount and Dwagie, will be held in several major cities in the US. In recent years, the success of Taiwanese independent music has impressed international music enthusiasts and Taiwanese artists have become regulars in many well-known international music festivals.
2016/04/06 | TNL 編輯
Taiwan’s National Palace Museum Ranks Sixth in Worldwide Attendance
Taiwan’s National Palace Museum ranks sixth among the most popular museums with nearly 5.3 million visitors in 2015. Its diverse exhibitions have also performed well in the international visitor figure ranking. Aiming to attract more visitors and promote Taiwan’s global visibility, the museum opened its southern branch at the end of last year and has drawn significant attention.