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2016/04/06 | TNL 編輯
Taiwan’s National Palace Museum Ranks Sixth in Worldwide Attendance
Taiwan’s National Palace Museum ranks sixth among the most popular museums with nearly 5.3 million visitors in 2015. Its diverse exhibitions have also performed well in the international visitor figure ranking. Aiming to attract more visitors and promote Taiwan’s global visibility, the museum opened its southern branch at the end of last year and has drawn significant attention.
2016/03/11 | TNL 編輯
Southeast Asian Bookstores in Taiwan Provide Welcoming Space for Migrant Workers
There are currently close to 600,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan, more than the number of aboriginal population in the nation. Two bookstores, Brilliant Time: Southeast Asia-themed Bookstore and SouthEastAsian Migrant Inspired, are part of the many efforts to raise the awareness of the Taiwanese to pay more attention to these people.
2016/03/10 | TNL 編輯
Taiwanese Film Accepted in Cannes Film Festival Raises Discussion in the Death Penalty-Supporting Circle
A Taiwan short film about the death penalty has been accepted in the Cannes Film Festival. While foreign countries have been calling upon the abolishment of the penalty in Taiwan, many Taiwanese still do not accept the idea.
2016/03/02 | TNL 編輯
“Asian Joke” In The Oscars Raising Discussion Among Taiwanese Netizens
#OscarsSoWhite or #WhiteOscars has been a widely discussed issue since the nominees were announced in January. However when Chris Rock, host of the awards ceremony, made an “Asian joke” on stage, he triggered different comments and reactions worldwide. Taiwanese netizens are no exception and have been debating over the incident and why Asians are discriminated in the US.