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2016/10/19 | Chen Jingnan

Chinese Writers of Children’s Stories Must Get with the Times

Established childrens’ authors are failing to capture changing attitudes toward marriage and gender.

2016/10/18 | Yuan-ling Liang

HK Manga Fans Call For Release of Detained Chinese Subtitle Translators

Protesters say the translators are 'cultural ambassadors' and that content providers depend on them to make their productions better known.

2016/10/14 | Olivia Yang

Director of WDC Mexico City 2018 Reflects on Taipei

What can Mexico City learn from Taipei, this year's World Design Capital? And what challenges does it face?

2016/10/14 | Kyodo News

Creating Personal Packages for Gifts Becoming Popular in Japan

Ever want to put an original photo and message on the packages of such products as cosmetics, cookies and beer given as gifts? Now you can.

2016/10/13 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Timbuktu and the Historic Ruling to Protect Culture

A country stripped of its history during war is rendered an orphan.

2016/10/13 | Olivia Yang

Art Exhibition Highlights Concerns of Penghu Casino Plan

The outlying island archipelago located in the Taiwan Strait will be seeing its second referendum on a casino bill this Saturday. A group of artists are raising awareness of the issue at a new exhibition in Taipei.

2016/10/13 | Bruce Jacobs

BOOK REVIEW: Green Island

A review of Shawna Yang Ryan's 'Green Island.'

2016/10/11 | Nathan Jubb

The Rags-to-Riches Artist Who Doesn’t Want Riches

From humble beginnings in rural China, ballpoint pen artist Ji Hongyan found fame while working in an university canteen.

2016/10/10 | Chen Changye

The Rise and Fall of Film Adaptations in Chinese Cinema

Transforming content into movies has been a popular trend in Chinese cinema for decades, but recently artistic quality has been declining.

2016/10/09 | Brian Hioe

OP-ED: Nuit Blanche, A Half-Hearted Attempt At Making Taipei Look Like An 'Artsy' City?

'Taipei’s hosting of Nuit Blanche seems like a half-hearted, commercialized attempt to make Taipei look like an artistic city when the actual creative centers of the city are at risk.'

2016/10/08 | Luke Spencer

Why The Hallmark Card Company Owns Thousands of Priceless Artworks

Exploring the modern art collection at Hallmark HQ in Kansas City.

2016/10/08 | Dinah Gardner

BOOK REVIEW: The People’s Republic of Control

A review of Stein Ringen’s ‘The Perfect Dictatorship: China in the 21st Century’

2016/10/07 | ZiQing Low

‘Flight Pattern’ Video Calling for Taiwan’s Inclusion in ICAO Goes Viral

A time-lapse video shows the importance of Taiwan as an air traffic hub.

2016/10/07 | Kira-Anne Pelican

‘Journey to the West’ — A Chinese Epic for Western Eyes

If film adaptations of traditional Chinese tales are to succeed, they must appeal to universal cultural norms.

2016/10/06 | Mo Tz-pin

Film Festival Highlights Debate over Death Penalty in Taiwan

A group opposed to capital punishment hopes to raise awareness on the controversial issue through films and after-screening discussions.

2016/10/05 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: Film Festival Director Hopes Taiwan Can Lead LGBT Discussion in Asia

From directing an annual film festival to holding Taiwan's first LGBT awards ceremony, Jay Lin wants to connect Taiwan with the international community.