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2018/05/25 | The Interpreter

Confronting Coldstore: Why Singapore Must Face Its Past

There is still time for those who took part in epoch-making events in Singapore's history to give their personal testimony.

2018/05/24 | Darice D. Chang

'Metal Politics Taiwan': Dual Lenses, Dueling Perspectives

The new film 'Metal Politics Taiwan' follows rocker-turned-politician Freddy Lim's first year in office. It was first shown at this year's Urban Nomad Film Festival.

2020/11/13 | 廣編企劃

Taiwan Sets First Creative Content Fest Dedicated to All Modes of Creativity

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might have paralyzed global travel but that has not stopped Taiwan from flexing its muscles and putting its film and entertainment content on the world stage.

2018/05/19 | Chris W. Hubbard

8 Reasons Why Brand Communications in Taiwan Turn the World Away

Corporate culture keeps Taiwan's products and services stuck at the back of the global shelf.

2018/05/11 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Captain Democracy Flies to Malaysia's Rescue

Will time and its emissary, Mahathir Mohamad, heal Malaysia's wounds?

2020/11/13 | 廣編企劃

TAICCA Initiatives Help Taiwanese Content Ride Cultural Wave to Global Distribution

In July, TAICCA initiated the First Mile program, linking publishers, scriptwriters, and investors for the Print-to-Screen Adaptation Content Development Plan to boost TV and film production in Taiwan. The program extends to the 2020 Taiwan Creative Content Fest.

2018/05/11 | James Baron

Moroccan Chef Brings Taste of Marrakesh to Taipei

A Moroccan native makes his way in Taipei by making mouths water.

2018/05/11 | Cat Thomas

INTERVIEW: Urban Nomad Subverts, Inspires, Strengthens

This year's offerings cover dashcams, porn, punk and violent revolutions.

2016/05/20 | 廣編企劃

Think You Know Chiayi? Check Out These Fun Facts!

How much do you know about Chiayi? Let's get to know Chiayi with the city's historical and geographic background along with some fun facts!

2018/05/04 | Peter Carey

OPINION: Singapore, Indonesia and the Lessons of History

Singapore can learn from its southern neighbor when it comes to recognizing and accepting its own history.

2018/05/03 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Taiwan Eats Bitterness; Dominican Republic Gobbles RMB

Taiwan has only 19 official friends left as the Dominican Republic gets wooed by Chinese highways.

2018/05/02 | Evan Vitkovski

Taiwan's Historic Hip-hop Kids

A landmark exhibition shows how far Taiwanese hip-hop has come, but the underground still informs where it is heading.