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2018/03/29 | David Green

INTERVIEW: Jay Lin on Taking Taiwanese Creative Content Overseas

Taiwan must improve its data curation and transparency if the Ministry of Culture is to succeed in its ambition to emulate the success of the Korean Wave.

2018/03/12 | I-fan Lin

Rebels and Rebellion in the Chinese Classics

Chinese literature isn't all dull stories about old men losing horses – there's plenty of drunken rebellion as well.

2020/11/13 | 廣編企劃

Taiwan Sets First Creative Content Fest Dedicated to All Modes of Creativity

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might have paralyzed global travel but that has not stopped Taiwan from flexing its muscles and putting its film and entertainment content on the world stage.

2018/03/01 | Morley J Weston

EyeCTV's Parody Pokes Fun at the ROC and PRC Alike

The parody YouTube channel offers an important platform to highlight the humorous side of cross-Strait relations.

2020/11/13 | 廣編企劃

TAICCA Initiatives Help Taiwanese Content Ride Cultural Wave to Global Distribution

In July, TAICCA initiated the First Mile program, linking publishers, scriptwriters, and investors for the Print-to-Screen Adaptation Content Development Plan to boost TV and film production in Taiwan. The program extends to the 2020 Taiwan Creative Content Fest.