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2016/12/28 | Yin Yijun

Documentaries Fight for Attention Amid Box-Office Boom in China

With limited freedom and financing, documentary filmmakers cut their own paths to find audiences.

2020/11/13 | 廣編企劃

Taiwan Sets First Creative Content Fest Dedicated to All Modes of Creativity

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might have paralyzed global travel but that has not stopped Taiwan from flexing its muscles and putting its film and entertainment content on the world stage.

2016/12/28 | Hung-ya Lien

The Best Bookshops in Tokyo

Check out these three bookshops when you are next in Tokyo.

2016/12/23 | Mark Stocker

How a Lack of Global Thinking Doomed Taipei’s World Design Capital

World Design Capital Taipei 2016 should have put Taipei on the global design map. Where did the Taipei City Government go so wrong?

2020/11/13 | 廣編企劃

TAICCA Initiatives Help Taiwanese Content Ride Cultural Wave to Global Distribution

In July, TAICCA initiated the First Mile program, linking publishers, scriptwriters, and investors for the Print-to-Screen Adaptation Content Development Plan to boost TV and film production in Taiwan. The program extends to the 2020 Taiwan Creative Content Fest.

2016/12/22 | Cinema Escapist

INTERVIEW: A Peak of Film Productions in the 'Theater State' of North Korea

In a special in-depth interview, author and filmmaker Paul Fischer discusses his book about North Korean cinema and how perception and propaganda define the isolated state.

2016/12/22 | Olivia Yang

Is Taiwan's Exhibition Culture All About Taking Photos and 'Checking In'?

'I think the Taiwanese are especially difficult customers. You go to an exhibition meant only to entertain, but then you come out and criticize the show for having no intellectual value. This is a unique phenomenon. It’s like telling a street food stand that their plating is ugly.'

2016/05/20 | 廣編企劃

Think You Know Chiayi? Check Out These Fun Facts!

How much do you know about Chiayi? Let's get to know Chiayi with the city's historical and geographic background along with some fun facts!

2016/12/21 | Lin Qiqing

In Wuhan, Punk is Not Dead

Wu Wei, the lead singer of China’s oldest surviving punk band, insists there’s nothing political about his music.

2016/12/20 | Haiming Liu

Who Owns Culture? The Case of P.F. Chang’s Chinese Restaurants

'When taken and used as a commodity, food is no longer an inherited culture.'

2016/12/16 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: Film Director Midi Z on the 'Taiwanese Dream' in Myanmar (Part Two)

This is part two of TNL’s interview with film director Midi Z. He talks about current obstacles, motivation, and Taiwan's New Southbound Policy.

2016/12/15 | Ayunda Nurvitasari

Rampant FGM in Indonesia: Ignorance, Social Pressure Blamed

'I was six years old and I felt so afraid that I cried. I didn’t have the courage to look at it. It bled for two days, so I was treated with traditional medicine. Then I was told to bathe in the sea.'

2016/12/14 | Cinema Escapist

The 10 Best Korean Movies on Netflix

Check out Cinema Escapist's list of the ten best Korean movies on Netflix.

2016/12/09 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: Film Director Midi Z on the 'Taiwanese Dream' in Myanmar (Part One)

How does the multi-nationality of the award-winning film director influence his work? Does he identify with being from Myanmar, China or Taiwan?

2016/12/09 | Xiaoling Zhang

The Effectiveness of the Chinese Cultural Centers and Confucius Institutes

With 500 Confucius Institutes and 1,000 Confucius Classrooms on campuses around the world today, both have become a global phenomenon. Just what purpose do they serve?

2016/12/08 | Nathan Jubb

Q&A with VR Artist Who Says Technology Will Destroy Us

Virtual reality has brought Tian Xiaolei’s art to life, but he maintains humans’ thirst for innovation will only end in misery.

2016/12/06 | Rachel King

One of the First Hollywood Heartthrobs Was a Smoldering Japanese Actor. What Happened?

Today, there aren't many Asian film hunks. But in 1915, Sessue Hayakawa was among the first sex symbols.

2016/12/06 | Olivia Yang

INTERVIEW: German Filmmaker Documenting 'Metal Politics' in Taiwan

'It’s exciting for me to be part of a historical process. That’s what our job is for. We are documenting history.'

2016/12/05 | Cinema Escapist

Documenting the 'Gatekeepers' of One of Japan's Popular Suicide Destinations

'Gatekeeper' documents the suicide prevention efforts of a retired Japanese detective named Yukio Shige.

2016/12/02 | Olivia Yang

Noticing Tweaks, Communicating Universal Concepts, and Offering Value in Design

Four acclaimed designers from different countries gathered yesterday to share their experiences and ideology of design.