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劉德華力挺 特別演出「速命道」

‘Red Line’ Makes Your Heart Race in More Ways Than One

CJ Sheu

A street racer gives up on himself because of his brother’s accident, until he meets a doctor and makes up his mind to become an ambulance driver.


‘Rally Road Racers’ Is Derivative Fun with Chinese Characteristics

CJ Sheu

To save his grandma's home from demolition, a young race car driver competes against a vainglorious reigning champion and wins by finding his Dao.


Fake History — A Solo Exhibition by Paul Timings

TNL Feature

Based on tales from Taiwan, the exhibition explores how technologies mediate our experiences and narratives in a way that is both deeply personal and manipulative.


Sports Film ‘Anime Supremacy!’ Romanticizes Overwork

CJ Sheu

Anime Supremacy! celebrates self-sacrificing teamwork in pursuit of a greater goal — even if it means working overtime.


How Yu Chang, Mocked as a Military Deserter, Defends Taiwan’s Home Turf at World Baseball Classic

Nelson Chung

Fully invested in the WBC, the MLB free agent defended himself against charges of selfishness — and Taiwan’s home turf.


‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Is a Fitting Conclusion to a Wild Ride

CJ Sheu

“John Wick: Chapter 4” runs nearly three hours, but if you hop onto its overserious wavelength, the time flies by like a bullet.


Ugly Half Shining Through — Kiwi Craft Beer Innovator Making Waves in Taiwan

TNL Feature

Max Gilbert says he wants to push the benefits of local beer. “There’s an enormous difference in whether you’re consuming a product that tastes as intended when it leaves the brewery or not. The big thing is to encourage people to get behind local products and get to know the beer itself.”

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