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‘August at Akiko’s’ Calmly Reflects on Hawai‘i’s Colonial Trauma

CJ Sheu

Trauma and dispossession are at the heart of ‘August at Akiko’s’. But a soaring jazz score and sweeping cinematography suggest new directions and the possibility of moving on.


A Vivid Future, Rooted in Legend: Red Candle Games and the Making of Nine Sols

Graham Oliver

A successful crowdfunding campaign has delivered ‘Nine Sols’, a new title from Taiwanese game developer Red Candle. Its Taoist-cyberpunk imagery and action gameplay is a major break from previous hits ‘Detention’ and ‘Devotion’.


‘Mama Boy’ Is an Excellent Film With the Wrong Tone

CJ Sheu

A talented cast with an intriguing story of a sex worker and her client is undermined by a rmismatched tone of romantic fantasy.


‘Formosa Betrayed’ Barely Scratches the Surface of Taiwan’s History

CJ Sheu

‘Formosa Betrayed’ tries to build a political thriller around a mystery in an unknown land ruled with an iron fist. It’s empty didacticism — and less than thrilling.


Part of the Japanese Revolution in Fashion, Issey Miyake Changed the Way We Saw, Wore, and Made Fashion

The Conversation

Issey Miyake rejected terms like “fashion,” but his work allowed much of the world to reimagine itself through clothing.

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