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China's 'New Retail' Breathes New Life into Physical Stores

The Conversation

China is streets ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to integrating online and offline retail.


Rebels and Rebellion in the Chinese Classics

I-fan Lin

Chinese literature isn't all dull stories about old men losing horses – there's plenty of drunken rebellion as well.


FEATURE: Small Town Taiwan to Hollywood: Xiluo Theater and the Lin Family Odyssey

James Baron

An abandoned Japanese-era theater has a curious connection to the global film industry.


EyeCTV's Parody Pokes Fun at the ROC and PRC Alike

Morley J Weston

The parody YouTube channel offers an important platform to highlight the humorous side of cross-Strait relations.


The Road to Revitalizing Taiwan's Creative Industries

Taiwan’s once-prolific film and television industries have ebbed in recent years, but new business models could help Taiwan compete with Japan and South Korea.


CARTOON: All Hail Emperor Xi

Stellina Chen

All bets are off now China President Xi Jinping has no limit to his time in power.


INDONESIA: Widodo Makes Show of Paying for Metallica Album


The gift was presented by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen on a state visit last year.

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