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K-Pop, BTS and Breaking America

The Conversation

The Korean boy band BTS is the advance guard of what could well be a K-pop invasion of the West.


The Timor-Leste Tree: How East Timor Nearly Lost Its Illustrious Sandalwood

Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya

The fate of the sandalwood tree is inextricably linked to East Timor's turbulent history.


INTERVIEW: Taiwanese Waves’ Mia Yen on Bringing Taiwanese Music to New York

Jocelle Koh

One woman is on a mission to take Taiwan's leading musical talent to a wider audience in New York.


BOOK REVIEW: 'Happy Dreams' a China Trashpicker's Gem

The Third Pole

The book is not just a literary tour de force, but also an intimate insight into the hopes and despair of migrant workers in China.


Taipei Poetry Collective and the Importance of Poetry

Sandee Woodside

Four women have helped foster a thriving community for poets in Taipei.

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