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China's One Belt, One Road Is One Dimensional Compared with the Maritime Original

Stuart Heaver

Exploring the breadth and diversity of cultural and economic exchange enabled by the Maritime Silk Road reveals the comparative paucity of its modern-day counterpart.


Malaysian Singer's 'Motherland' Comments Stir Chinese Introspection


When Malaysian singer Priscilla Abby referred to China as her 'motherland' on a Chinese TV show, it whipped the overseas Chinese community into a frenzy.


The Worrying Cross-Strait and Linguistic Messages of 'Crazy Rich Asians'

Catherine Chou

The film is now in theaters in Taiwan. Is it a victory for Asian representation in Hollywood, or for the linguistic and cultural domination of the Chinese Communist Party?


PHOTO STORY: Sneak Peeks of Vietnam's Streets


Photographer Victor Morante gives you a kerbside view of Vietnam's streets.

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