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‘Below the Surface’ Is a Tale Worth Telling Better

CJ Sheu

Below the Surface is agit-prop filmmaking for a regrettable cause that besmirches the reputation of the real-life sailors it portrays.


‘The Moon’ Is Dumb but Exciting

CJ Sheu

Is it good? Not really. But the excitement and explosions still manage to deliver.


Think You Know Chiayi? Check Out These Fun Facts!

How much do you know about Chiayi? Let's get to know Chiayi with the city's historical and geographic background along with some fun facts!


‘Past Lives’ Meditates on the Before and the After

CJ Sheu

“Past Lives” is a poignant and well-observed character study of an immigrant whose past in the old country walks into her present.


Films, Art, Bathrooms: The Cinema of Tsai Ming-Liang

The Taiwan-based filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang talks about his childhood in Malaysia and his quest to blur the line between museums and cinemas.


‘Small, Slow but Steady’ Is a Quietly Moving Boxing Film

CJ Sheu

“Small, Slow but Steady,” a biopic about a Deaf female boxer, has a quiet power that’s incredibly moving.


‘The Idol’ Ends Not with a Bang but a Whimper

CJ Sheu

“The Idol” contains intense scenes of kinky sex and abuse between the star Jocelyn and club owner Tedros, evoking a one-sided portrayal of the entertainment industry as peculiarly manipulative and misogynistic.


Exhibition: Reconnecting Painter Ka Tokurai With Taiwan

every little d

Ka Tokurai, one of the many Taiwanese expat artists educated in Japan during the early 1900s, never forgot about his hometown.

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