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2020/07/10 | every little d
Animal Crossing Movies May Be the Next Big Trend in Video Gaming
Beneath all the attention on eGamers and Twitch streams, there has been a rise in new professions within the gaming industry. In-game photographers, and video game directors are at the vanguard of the industries increasing focus on art.
2020/07/10 | TNL Staff
Taiwan Film Festival in Australia Is Happening Now
Taiwan Film Festival in Australia is bringing 19 sensational titles to viewers who will be able to enjoy a taste of Taiwanese cinema from the comforts of their home.
2020/07/07 | Nicholas Haggerty
Book Review: ‘Migrante’ Narrates the Exploitation of Taiwan’s Migrant Fishermen
Joe Henley has an anthropologist’s eye for interpersonal power dynamics, documenting the mistreatment of Taiwan’s migrant fishermen in his new novel, Migrante.
2020/07/06 | The Conversation
Rethinking K-pop Industry’s Silence During the Black Lives Matter Movement
The K-pop industry has generally tried to stay apolitical, but its expanding American fan base has encouraged some K-pop stars to express their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.
2020/07/03 | Ian Chen
Taiwanese Cinema Revival: Moving Beyond State Subsidies and Arthouse
After two decades of decline, Taiwanese cinema has seen a revival. We have to look far back at the Motion Picture Act and government grant scheme to understand how this happened.
2020/06/18 | every little d
Everyday Movement: Masakazu Murakami’s ‘Subway Diary’ Photo Exhibition in Taipei
If we place a mirror before reality, our existential anxieties may be casually revealed in images. Photographer Masakazu Murakami organized the photographs taken in Tokyo between 1999 and 2019 and created the photo book Subway Diary.
2020/06/02 | CJ Sheu
Bong Joon Ho’s 'Memories of Murder' Is a Film for Our Moment
Bong Joon-ho's 'Memories of Murder' will be rereleased in Taiwan on June 12. It couldn't have arrived at a more fitting time.
2020/06/01 | TNL Staff
What to Watch on GagaOOLala, Taiwan’s LGBT Streaming Platform
GagaOOLala, a Taiwan-based LGBT-focused streaming service, has launched internationally. Here are three highlights from its lineup of films.
2020/05/28 | Op-Ed
What Can 'The Last Emperor' Teach Us About Life in Confinement?
The digitally remastered version of 'The Last Emperor' is now in Taipei theaters, and it has climbed to second place in the city's box office chart.
2020/05/27 | TNL Staff
Terrace House Star Hana Kimura Could Not Escape Cyberbullying
Terrace House star Hana Kimura, 22, committed suicide on May 23. Like many reality show stars, her reputation may have been smeared by what South Koreans have dubbed “devil’s editing,” leading to an outpouring of abusive comments.
2020/05/14 | every little d
The Design Concepts Behind Taiwan's Inaugural Beer and Stamps
Taiwan's presidential inauguration is traditionally celebrated with commemorative stamps and a special design of Taiwan Beer. This practice into groundbreaking territory, showing appreciation for contemporary design and representing Taiwan's democratic pluralism.
2020/05/06 | Daphne K. Lee
6 Taiwanese Drama Series Available on Netflix Now
Taiwan's TV dramas seem to gone through a relative dry spell. Here are some exceptions.
2020/04/28 | Nicholas Haggerty
‘A Stormy Petrel’: Hong Kong Governor John Pope Hennessy
P. Kevin MacKeown's biography 'A Stormy Petrel' (City University of Hong Kong, 2020) argues for John Pope Hennessy as a character full of contradictions, bridling against his historical circumstances but never quite transcending them.
2020/04/26 | Luke Hein
Roots of Life and Music in Yilan
Jipo, a sheng player from Yilan County in Taiwan, forsook a career in the capital to make music with his community.
2020/04/22 | every little d
‘Good Eye City Guide’ Is the Ultimate Travel Guide to Taiwan
Good Eye City Guide is a gorgeous, comprehensive guide to Taiwan. First time visitors and seasoned locals will take much away from reading.
2020/04/21 | Milo Hsieh
'Tigertail' Missed These Opportunities to Tell Taiwan’s History
A brief guide to the language issues and glossed over history in 'Tigertail'.