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‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ Keeps Its Focus on Its World-Conquering Star

CJ Sheu

The Eras Tour film presents the no-frills platonic ideal of the show, competently preserved for international and future Swifties.


Children on the Run: Queer Reorientation in Hirokazu Koreeda’s Kaibutsu 

Ronex Leung

Through its use of nature imageries and vast landscapes, Kaibutsu evokes a reorientation of queer identities for the two innocent boys Minato and Yori .


Feel the magic of space and let yourself be touched – we step into Chi Po-lin Museum

The exhibition of the Chi Po-lin Museum, “The City, The Flâneur,” explores the texture of cities “from a bird's-eye view”, narrating the beauty and sorrow of cities. The Chi Po-lin Museum was inaugurated in April 2019 and already hosted three exhibitions, “View Above Mountains,” “​Above The Coast,” and “Reflection of Rivers” consecutively. They have accumulated nearly 60 thousand visits.


‘The Boy and the Heron’ Is Dazzling, If Somewhat Unhinged

CJ Sheu

A young boy learns through adventures in a fantastical Studio Ghibli world that grief can’t be escaped. The arbitrary worldbuilding is part of the point.

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Branagh’s Poirot Finally Shines in ‘A Haunting in Venice’

CJ Sheu

A Haunting in Venice elevates well-worn genre tropes with exceptional casting and filmmaking flair to create a satisfying experience.


Taiwan Sets First Creative Content Fest Dedicated to All Modes of Creativity

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might have paralyzed global travel but that has not stopped Taiwan from flexing its muscles and putting its film and entertainment content on the world stage.


The Beatles, Beat Music and East Germany

Deutsche Welle

Beat music and the GDR — two terms that don't seem to go together at first glance. But they are closely linked, as a new book reveals.

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INTERVIEW: An American Novelist Recalls a Carefree Childhood in Post-War Taipei

James Baron

Following publication of his Taipei-set novel Lily Narcissus last fall, American author recalls 1950s Taipei as ‘Fantasy land for kids.’


TAICCA Initiatives Help Taiwanese Content Ride Cultural Wave to Global Distribution

In July, TAICCA initiated the First Mile program, linking publishers, scriptwriters, and investors for the Print-to-Screen Adaptation Content Development Plan to boost TV and film production in Taiwan. The program extends to the 2020 Taiwan Creative Content Fest.


The Clueless, Painfully Unfunny ‘Inspector Sun’

CJ Sheu

Inspector Sun has the sole saving grace of creating an interesting world of anthropomorphic spiders and insects parallel to the human world.

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