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2018/05/23 | David Green
Legislators Get On Board Taiwan’s Blockchain Bid 
Block Guardian is a bi-weekly column from The News Lens and Blockcamp offering news and insight on crypto and token economics from Taiwan.
2018/05/23 | Jules Quartly
Taiwan, Telecoms and Our Outlaws of the Marsh
The country’s infamous telecom scammers operate on the margins of international society, target rich Chinese merchants and hide their ill-gotten gains in the 'renegade province.'
2018/05/19 | Chris W. Hubbard
8 Reasons Why Brand Communications in Taiwan Turn the World Away
Corporate culture keeps Taiwan's products and services stuck at the back of the global shelf.
2018/05/11 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Captain Democracy Flies to Malaysia's Rescue
Will time and its emissary, Mahathir Mohamad, heal Malaysia's wounds?
2018/05/11 | James Baron
Moroccan Chef Brings Taste of Marrakesh to Taipei
A Moroccan native makes his way in Taipei by making mouths water.
2018/05/11 | Cat Thomas
INTERVIEW: Urban Nomad Subverts, Inspires, Strengthens
This year's offerings cover dashcams, porn, punk and violent revolutions.
2018/05/04 | Peter Carey
OPINION: Singapore, Indonesia and the Lessons of History
Singapore can learn from its southern neighbor when it comes to recognizing and accepting its own history.
2018/05/03 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Taiwan Eats Bitterness; Dominican Republic Gobbles RMB
Taiwan has only 19 official friends left as the Dominican Republic gets wooed by Chinese highways.
2018/05/02 | Evan Vitkovski
Taiwan's Historic Hip-hop Kids
A landmark exhibition shows how far Taiwanese hip-hop has come, but the underground still informs where it is heading.
2018/04/23 | Blacksmith Books
BOOK EXCERPT: 'Other Voices, Other Eyes: Expatriate Lives in Hong Kong'
'Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.' — Barbara Haines Howett
2018/04/20 | The Conversation
OPINION: Why You Should Read and Re-read 'Dream of the Red Chamber'
Besides offering a deep peek into Qing Dynasty culture, the classic novel remains relevant today for readers of all ages.
2018/04/19 | Jocelle Koh
INTERVIEW: Meimeiwawa’s Esther Veronin on Feminism in Taiwan
Ahead of a Girl Power Concert in Taichung, Esther Veronin traces her journey from starting out in Taiwan's male-dominated entertainment industry to becoming a feminist icon.