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Hilton Yip
Hilton Yip is a freelance writer and editor based in Taiwan who has also worked in Hong Kong and Beijing. He writes about regional political and socio-economic developments as well as books and travel.   
OPINION: Why Taiwan’s China Airlines and the CPBL Must Reflect Reality in Their Names
Sustainability Times
Sustainability Times is your online home for news, debate, and analysis on every facet of sustainability. Our team of journalists highlights the latest news in sustainable business and industry, sustainable development, environmental protection, and the global fight against climate change.
Earth Day at 50: What We Need to Do for the Next 50 Years
Jennifer Gunther
Jennifer Gunther is a freelance journalist, currently based in Taiwan brushing up her Mandarin. She most loves roaming around in the mountains, having mutually unintelligible conversations with local Taiwanese.
Taiwanese Vaccine Manufacturer in Coronavirus Testing Phase
Antonia Timmerman
Antonia Timmerman is a journalist living in Taipei. A former finance reporter for various media outlets, she now writes independently on issues affecting culture and lifestyle, the lives of women immigrants, LGBTQ communities, and Taiwan affairs. 100% Indonesian.  
Taiwan’s Vaunted Covid-19 Response Faces Test As Students Return Home
UBI Taiwan
UBI Taiwan is an advocacy that hopes to inspire the national discussion of universal basic income in Taiwan. It's also a member of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).
OPINION: Why Taiwan Needs to Have Emergency Basic Income Now
is a weekly video explainer that seeks to bring international news closer to Chinese-speaking audiences everywhere.
[WorldView] How Taiwan Battles COVID-19
Daniel Kao
Daniel Kao is a data journalist and engineer for The News Lens based in Taipei. He enjoys exploring and creatively sharing stories hidden in data.
What Coronavirus Reveals About Our Digital Way of Life in 2020
Joyce Toledano
Joyce Toledano is an analyst specializing in the U.S., Middle East, and Asian political and economic developments. She regularly advises U.S. companies on their Middle East and Asia investment strategies in light of the ever-changing political climates in those regions. 
Unity Will Prove Crucial to Hong Kong’s Fight Against Coronavirus
Evan Vitkovski
Evan is a writer, editor, storyteller, traveler, and organizer in the arts scene in Taipei. Besides writing, sharing music and promoting events in Taipei as a radio host, networking with other creatives at concerts and festivals, and spending time reflecting in the mountains or at the beach take up most of the time between planning the next trip.
SKRT Streamlines Taiwan’s Scooter Rental Services
Shalmoli Halder
Shalmoli Halder is a development sector professional and writer based out of Delhi, India with a background in consulting, tech, investments. She holds a degree in Engineering & Political Science from Yale University. 
Women and Students Are Leading India's Citizenship Protests
Nicole Lee
Nicole Lee is a former news reporter at The News Lens.
TPP: Lai Hsiang-ling, Taipei's Labor Director, Hopes to Push for Progressive Bills
Ross Darrell Feingold
Ross Darrell Feingold is a political analyst and lawyer in Taipei, and host of the Storm Media #Taiwan program, an English language discussion about Taiwan politics and economics.
5 More Taiwan Reporting Clichés and Mistakes to Avoid
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar is Taiwan MOFA Visiting Fellow at National Chengchi University, Taipei.
An Overview of Closer US-Taiwan Ties in 2019
Lausan 流傘 is a collective of writers, researchers, activists, and artists from Hong Kong and its diaspora. Through organizing, translation, and original commentary, Lausan aims to build solidarity on the international left with Hongkongers’ political struggle.
How Can We Abolish the Hong Kong Police Force?
I still believe movies are shot at 24 frames per second, and I'm willing to live in this romantic lie while using my words to give more people a bit of joy between lies and reality. 
Tom Lin Searches for History and Humanity at 'The Garden of Evening Mists'
Toh Jin Xuan
Toh Jin Xuan is a Malaysian-born Chinese based in Taipei and an editor for The News Lens ASEAN Edition. 
China's Absence From Golden Horse Underscores Taiwan's Cultural Diversity
Louis Lo
Louis Lo is an opinion and analysis editor at The News Lens. 
The KMT Party List Is an Insult to the Taiwanese Public