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David Paulk and Xiao Muyi
No Author Introduction.
China Has Changed U.S. Expats’ Views, But Not Their Votes
Mark Lawson
Mark Lawson is an independent journalist and author who has written about alternative energy and climate for many years. The bulk of his lengthy career in journalism was spent on the Australian Financial Review.
Why Ratifying Global Climate Agreements Has Proven So Difficult
Jessie Yang
Jessie Yang currently studies in Hong Kong. She loves art, writing and exploring. She blogs at http://jessieyangblog.wordpress.com.
How New Media Contribute to Citizen Journalism in China
James Leibold
James Leibold is an Associate Professor of Politics and Asian Studies at La Trobe University and a non-resident Senior Fellow of the China Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham.
Is China a Ticking Time Bomb of Ethnic Contradictions?
Denise Hruby and Wang Lianzhang
No Author Introduction.
Tourism Traps Ethnic Minority in Tradition
Amy Maguire
Dr Amy Maguire is a Senior Lecturer in international law and an active media commentator on human rights issues.
Australia Should Take a Stand on Filipino Woman Facing Execution in Indonesia
Guobin Yang
Guobin Yang is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Communication at the Annenberg School for Communication and Department of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.
Translation, Cyber Nationalism and Activism in China
Olivia Yang and Mo Tz-pin
Olivia Yang is an editor at the The News Lens International. Mo Tz-pin is a staff writer at The News Lens.
Taiwanese Rape Victim Apologizes over Cover-Up Allegations
Ahmad Shuja
Ahmad Shuja is an assistant researcher at the Asia division of Human Rights Watch.
Conflict in Afghanistan Fuels Desperate Journeys
Jiayun Feng
Jiayun Feng is a Master's student from the Journalism School at New York University.
FEATURE: The Long Battle for Chinese Feminism
Don Shapiro
Don Shapiro is Editor-in-Chief of Taiwan Business TOPICS and Senior Director of the AmCham Taipei. Before joining the AmCham staff in 2002, he was president of the Trade Winds publishing company and Taiwan correspondent for Time Inc.
Taiwan Making Progress towards TPP Readiness
Darnell Gardner Jr.
No Author Introduction.
Uyghur Rapper Reps China’s West
Julie Yu-Wen Chen and Obert Hodzi
Julie Yu-Wen Chen is Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Helsinki in Finland, Hosting Professor of Asian Studies at Palacký University in Czech Republic and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the China Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Obert Hodzi is postdoctoral researcher at the Department of World Cultures at the University of Helsinki in Finland.
Africa: The New Battleground for Japan and China
Ho Ming-sho
Ho Ming-sho is Professor in the department of sociology, National Taiwan University, and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the China Policy Institute.
The Umbrella Movement and Hong Kong’s LegCo Election
Nic Barkdull
Nic Barkdull is a PhD student in Social Research and Cultural Studies at NCTU in Taiwan. He has written about the Internet, democracy, and sex work.
China’s Disappearing People Problem: The Story of Wang Quanzhang
Eric Siu-kei Cheng
Eric Siu-kei Cheng is a doctoral candidate in Anthropology at the University of Calgary.
The LegCo Elections and the Political Ecology of the New Territories