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The Real Hong Kong News
Set up by a small group of volunteers, Real Hong Kong News aims to provide English-speaking people from around the world an alternative source to learn what is really going on in Hong Kong - especially events and incidents those in power don't want non-Cantonese speaking populations to know about.
Pro-Hong Kong Independence Activist Receives Threat
Jenny Peng
Jenny Peng is a Taiwanese-born Canadian journalist. She tweets from @jennypengnow and specializes in writing and broadcasting. She has a special interest in international affair and issues affecting women, youth, and the environment.
'Vertical University' Re-imagines Villages as Classrooms
Nick Kembel
Nick Kembel is a freelance writer based in New Taipei City, Taiwan. He has traveled extensively in Asia and the Middle East and is the author of "Taiwan in the Eyes of a Foreigner."
Alishan vs. Dong Ding: A Review of Ai-Want Formosa Tea's 2015 Winter Dong Ding Oolong
Cliff Hsia
Cliff Hsia is a writer, husband, and father, who is determined to live a better than normal life by traveling the world, slowly and purposefully, with his wife and two young daughters. His writing has been featured on MSN, TODAY, The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, and other publications. He writes about travel, parenting, and lifestyle design. Read Cliff’s articles at Live Family Travel and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.
What I Learned From Five Months of Travel
Jeffrey Tsai
Jeffrey graduated from College of the Holy Cross in 2013, double majoring in history and Asian studies. He later received certificates in non-profit management at City College and United Nations Studies at Columbia University. Born in New York City, he grew up in Taiwan in a Taiwanese household-American education dynamic before attending college in the United States. Strongly believing in Taiwan’s unique culture and identity, he currently is the Editor for Outreach at Taiwan and a member of the 2016 TASC Executive Committee with previous experience with the Formosa Foundation and Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA). In his free time, he enjoys cooking, talking about Taiwan, and checking out historical sites.
China Shuts Down iBooks and iMovies
Journy is a new way to travel. We create tailor-made travel plans with recommendations from top chefs, sommeliers, and local experts. We understand your unique travel preferences, and give you the inside scoop on what to do and where to go. And yes, we make reservations for you too.
Behind The Lens Of Instagram Star Alice Gao
Tony Coolidge
Tony Coolidge (Bachelor’s, University of Texas at Austin; Landmark Education Team Management Leadership Program) is a lecturer, journalist and filmmaker based in Tainan, Taiwan. He has produced an award-winning film project, “Voices in the Clouds,” and has written articles that have appeared in Cultural Survival Magazine, CNN.com, Taipei Times and other publications.
Post-Disaster Tainan City In Mourning
Yu-hsuan Tien
Yu-Hsuan, Tien is a columnist, researcher and educator who writes once every two weeks about education and creativity lessons. She has appeared in CommonWealth Magazine, CommonWealth Parenting Magazine, Crossing, Readmoo, Womany and The News Lens International Edition. Her blog is here: 踹妞Try New:國際教育部落格
Are You A Competent “Global Netizen”?
Kathy Chen
Kathy Chen is a writer with more than two decades of journalism experience. She worked as a reporter and editor for The Wall Street Journal, based in the Washington, China and Hong Kong bureaus, and was part of a team that won the Pulitzer Prize for a series on the U.S. military. Ms. Chen also served as head of China programs for nonprofit group Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Currently based in Taipei, Taiwan, she is finishing up a young adult fiction novel and working on other works of fiction.
From US to Taiwan; Working vs. Cramming
Herbert Hanreich
Seeing Taiwanese's Lack of Self-Control From Blind Cars
Susanne Palm
The Author Who Pushed Sweden to Become The First Country to Prohibit All Violence Against Children
Mariano Suarez出生於美國佛羅里達的邁阿密,但在哥斯大黎加長大,直到後來才回家鄉的邁阿密大學取得大學學位,並在西北大學拿到法律博士學位(J.D.)。其法律專長為國際仲裁,並曾於香港、新加坡、巴黎、美國與哥斯大黎加執業,曾去過超過25個國家。Mariano熱愛他的家庭、朋友,亞洲食物。
American Employers in Asian Markets: What Asian Students Need to Know Before Choosing an American University to Work in Asia
王禮康 | Lincoln Wang 出生於台灣,由於父親的工作而經常搬家。雖然要經常適應新的環境,但換取了寶貴的經驗、語言能力、和國際觀。現在回到台灣就讀大學,讓自己更熟悉這塊土地和人。在經歷人生的同時,總會有些人、事、物激發想法,透過文字傳達,透過網路分享。
Taiwanese Lack Confidence, Not Competitiveness