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Yu Jie
Sichuanese, Mongolian, world citizen. Writer and political commentator concerned with human rights and freedom of religion. Author of several published books.
OPINION: Meng Hongwei's Disappearance Reveals an Ugly Internal Truth
Dean Karalekas
Dean Karalekas is a Canadian researcher specializing in civil-military relations, emergency management, and Asia-Pacific security. He is the Associate Editor of Strategic Vision, an English-language security journal published in Taipei. He completed his undergraduate degree at Canada’s McGill University, and earned his MA and PHD in Asia-Pacific Studies at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. He is currently working on a book about the ROC military and resides in New York City. He can be reached for comment at dkaralekas@hotmail.com.
Unlikely Allies: A Case for Cooperation Between Taiwan and Iraqi Kurdistan
Li A-ming
Li A-ming (李阿明) is the Taiwanese author of the novel "There Is No God Here."
'There Is No God Here': An Excerpt From Life on Taiwan's High Seas Vessels
Leora Joy Jones & John Stephenson
No Author Introduction.
ART REVIEW: Loaded Guns in 'The Flying Land'
Nate Maynard
Nate Maynard works on environmental issues ranging from climate change to the circular economy. A Fulbright fellowship to study coral reef economics originally brought him to Taiwan where has since also consulted on green business development and clean power . He is currently a PhD student at National Chengchi University.
Taiwanese Companies Commit to 100% Renewables, Despite a Dirty Grid
Andy Stirling & Phil Johnstone
Andy Stirling is a professor and Phil Johnstone is a research fellow at SPRU, University of Sussex. Both of them are the contribute authors of World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2018.
OPINION: UK's Civil Nuclear Obsession Has Military Roots
g0v.news is the news platform of g0v (pronounced gov-zero), Taiwan's civic technology community. It covers the latest trends in civic tech from Taiwan, Asia, and around the world.
INTERVIEW: MIT's Ethan Zuckerman Says 'Be Angry and Engage'
TNL Brand Studio
TNL Brand Studio是關鍵評論網集團的內容行銷團隊,隸屬於關鍵評論網業務與行銷部門。我們協助各品牌,利用集團旗下媒體優勢,進行各種內容與整合行銷專案。我們擅長企劃、採訪、編輯與製作文字、圖表、影音與社群活動。※本帳號刊登內容,為業務與行銷部門製作,並且沒有品牌客戶贊助※
Taiwanese Companies Banish Food Additives in Quest for Natural Flavor
Siok Hui Leong
A Taipei-based journalist, Siok Hui Leong has written for publications in the U.S., Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan during her two-decade plus career. 
Health Care for All: The Good & Not-So-Great of Taiwan's Universal Coverage
Hsu Ting-wei (許庭瑋)
Hsu Ting-wei (許庭瑋) is a Master's student in National Taiwan University's Department of Political Science.
'Taiwanese Independence' Has Many Definitions. None of Them Matter to China
James Baron
James Baron is a contributing writer for The News Lens. He is a Taipei-based freelance writer.
OPINION: Taiwan's 'Buhaoyisi Culture' Falls Victim to a Dickensian Curse
Guy Redmer
Guy Redmer is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Tamkang University in Taiwan. He has been teaching, researching, and writing in Taiwan for two decades.
Taiwan's Referendum Act, Explained: What Can We Expect on Nov. 24?
Diálogo Chino
Diálogo Chino is a multilingual platform for journalists, public officials, academics, civil society and the business community to engage with the topics that will come to define the nature of China-Latin America relations. Diálogo Chino is an initiative of chinadialogue, an independent, bilingual, Chinese English website that promotes communication on the environment and climate change. It is a non-profit organization based in London and Beijing.
Did Brazil Just Elect an Anti-China President in Jair Bolsonaro?
Nelson Lau
Nelson Lau is a masters student in Clinical Epidemiology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He is interested in studying all aspects of healthcare, from clinical research to health systems and health policy. 
OPINION: Girls in Hong Kong Will Get Free HPV Shots. What About Boys?
Madeleine Work
Madeleine Work is a freelance writer specializing in green energy, technology, and sustainability. She has been living in Taiwan for over three years, and is increasingly optimistic about the role new technologies and policies can play in encouraging sustainable behavior. She has a degree in Environmental Policy from Boston University.
OPINION: Taipei Should Have a Car Free Day
Lieutenant Ho
Psychological combat intelligence officer currently working in the Ministry of National Defense psychological warfare division, mainly studying international strategy. Active in the army's political battle.
INSIDER: Taiwan Is Bungling Its Response to China's Psychological Warfare
Justin Hugo
Justin Hugo is a pen name. The author is a contributing writer for The News Lens.
SINGAPORE: Millionaire Ministers and Systemic Inequality