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Oiwan Lam
Oiwan Lam is the is the Regional Editor for Northeast Asia for Global Voices. Lam is a media activist, researcher and educator currently based in Hong Kong.
Chinese Netizens Had a Field Day Over That Huawei Propaganda Video
Jana Meisenholder
Jana Meisenholder is a freelance journalist living in the United States with her husband, David. After migrating from Japan, she spent the majority of her life in Australia with her Taiwanese mother.
China’s ‘Little Pink’ Army Is Gearing Up to Invade the Internet
Miss Tima Cafe
This is Miss Tima Cafe, located in a small and crowded ally. Business has been good. Miss Tima's kind smile is the living sign of this café. The waiter also likes her very much. I often chat with customers who come to the store. Do you want to have a chat over coffee? Talk to Tima!
'Winnie the Pooh' vs. 'Tsai-englishit' Is the Difference Between China and Taiwan
Magdalene is an online publication that offers fresh perspectives beyond the typical gender and cultural confines. They channel the voices of feminists, pluralists and progressives, or just those who are not afraid to be different, regardless of their genders, colors, or sexual preferences. They aim to engage, not alienate. Magdalene is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
INDONESIA: Fighting Social Norms, Programs Guide Women Into STEM Fields
Hsieh Pei-yi
Hsieh Pei-yi is a member of the Environmental Jurists Association.
OPINION: Newly Proposed Nuclear Referendums Mislead the Taiwanese Public
James X. Morris
James X. Morris is a PhD Candidate and freelance writer living in Taipei. He can be found on Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamesxmorris
Statue of Chiang Kai-shek Defaced at Taipei's National Chengchi University
Surya Chuen
Surya Chuen is a photojournalist based in Bangkok, Thailand. He reports on the environment and development, and social changes taking place in the Mekong region.
PHOTO STORY: China Slices Through Laos With New High-Speed Railway
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor is a graduate of MA Taiwan Studies from SOAS, University of London. He currently works within the Ministry of Culture at the Taipei Representative Office in the UK. Matt is also a contributor for Asian Pop Weekly – a website dedicated to analysis and understanding of Mandarin pop music
Taiwan's LGBT Pop Music Continues to Soar After 2018's Bitter Referendums
Zhang Yates (張耶斯)
Former history student, former Parisian restaurant wage earner, political science researcher.
OPINION: Taiwan Has an Unhealthy Obsession With Tax Cuts
China Brief
The Jamestown Foundation’s China Brief is a primary source of timely information and cutting-edge analysis for policy-makers, intelligence and military personnel, academics, journalists, and business leaders.
ANALYSIS: Inside Belt and Road 'Debt Trap' Projects in the Philippines
Godfrey Olukya
Godfrey Olukya has worked as a freelance journalist for local and international media in Uganda for the past 25 years. Between 2002 and 2007, he worked as a freelance reporter for the Associated Press.
Uganda Schools Are Set to Teach Compulsory Chinese Language Classes
Jules Quartly
Jules Quartly has worked for small town, big city and international media, written documentaries and been based in Asia for 17 years.
Taipei Dangdai Art Fair: After the Famine, the Art Feast
Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat & Muhammad Isa Dwijatmoko
Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat is an investigative journalist from Indonesia. His works concentrate on socio-economic issues in Indonesia.
Indonesia's Reliance on Rice Is Hurting Its Quest for Food Diversity
I-fan Lin
Born, raised, and educated in Taiwan. I write about current Taiwan issues and events as well as the Taiwanese blogosphere.
Why Is Global Media Misinterpreting Taiwan's Referendum Results?
Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya & Jyotirmoy Saharia
Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya is an independent journalist covering the environment, the politics of natural resources and conservation. Jyotirmoy Saharia is a freelance writer based in Assam, India.
The World of the Khiamniungan Nagas on the Border of India & Myanmar
Stuart Heaver
Stuart Heaver is a freelance journalist based in Hong Kong with a special interest in China and the maritime silk road.
Want to Understand the US-China Trade War? Turn Back the Clock to 1784
Hilton Yip
Hilton Yip is a freelance writer and editor based in Taiwan who has also worked in Hong Kong and Beijing. He writes about regional political and socio-economic developments as well as books and travel.   
OPINION: Xi Jinping's 'Unification' Demand Shows Tsai Was Right All Along