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Michael Fahey
Michael Fahey works as a legal consultant in Taipei. He is admitted to the California Bar. Since 2013, he has done extensive pro bono work advocating for immigration and employment law reform before Taiwan government agencies including the National Development Council, the National Immigration Agency, and the Ministry of Labor.
Cop, Philosopher, and President?
Darice D. Chang
Darice is a writer, artist, and educator-activist based in Taiwan. They speak three languages and are usually getting paid to use one of them. In their spare time they enjoy the local music scene and promoting healthy, ethical living.
Fifth Iteration of No Meat Provides Plant Based Revelers a Compassionate Holiday
Patrick Ng
Patrick Ng works at The New School for Leadership in Healthcare at the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center in Taipei.
A Response to ‘Taiwan Should Not Risk Booster Shots Over Omicron’
Toffy Charupatanapongse
Toffy Charupatanapongse is a mental wellness advocate, semicolon enthusiast, and polyglot who enjoys reading, yoga, and discovering new cafes. She writes about social issues, feminism, and equality and has an M.S.Ed in International Education Development.
Thailand Is Reopening to Tourists. What Would a More Ethical Tourism Look Like?
James Baron
James Baron is a contributing writer for The News Lens. He is a Taipei-based freelance writer.
Fisherman’s Friend? Film Festival Documentary Fails To Lift Lid on Industry Abuses
Albert Wu
Albert Wu is a global historian, focusing particularly on the transnational connections between Germany and China from c. 1800 to the present. He teaches at the American University of Paris.
Should Snitches Get Stitches?
Jordyn Haime
Jordyn Haime is a Fulbright student fellow based in Taipei.
On Taiwan’s Mount Zion, Memories of KMT Oppression Are Essential To Religious Mythology
Anthony Kao
Anthony Kao is an independent writer and founder of Cinema Escapist, a publication about international film.
‘Blue Bayou’ Achingly Dramatizes Plight of US Transnational Adoptees, but Will it Resonate Today?
Rath Wang
Rath Wang is a global nomad with roots from deep inside Hakka mountains. He writes and advocates for Taiwan’s identity and other progressive and liberal causes.
Guzifer Is Finally Married. When Will All of Taiwan’s Same Sex Transnational Couples Be Able To?
Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine
Taiwan Business TOPICS is published monthly by the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, and covers current topics affecting business conditions in Taiwan, an Industry Focus section on a particular industrial sector, and other reports prepared by the magazine’s staff of experienced professional journalists.
Taiwan’s Pandemic Hit Hotel Industry Needs a Lifeline
Taiwan Insight
Taiwan Insight is the online magazine of the University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Program.
Mountain Hiking as Taiwan’s New National Pastime
Henning von Mirbach
Henning von Mirbach is a Ph.D. Candidate at University of California, Santa Barbara, where he specializes in Chinese art history. He is currently a visiting scholar at Academia Sinica, Taipei.
Falling Through The Cracks of Taiwan’s Immigration System
Nelson Chung
Nelson Chung is a statistician for the United States Census Bureau and a part-time sports analyst. He holds a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in applied mathematics (’13). He lives in Alexandria, Virginia and actively participates in the local chapter of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs.
How a Taiwanese Baseball Player Strengthens Taiwan-Japan Relations
Syrena Lin
Syrena Lin is a headhunter and a former legislative assistant in Taipei.
Between Miaoli and Taoyuan: Taiwan’s Response to Migrant Worker Rights at an Intersection
Coco Dollanganger
Coco Dollanganger is a contributing journalist for The News Lens. In her free time, she plays her ukulele, sings in a reggae band, reads books, and enjoys the outdoors.
How Musicians in the Philippines Are Surviving the Pandemic
Johanna M. Costigan
Johanna M. Costigan is a writer from New York. Her work has been featured in L’Atelier, ChinaFile, The Diplomat, and others. She holds an MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies from the University of Oxford and previously worked as a Writing and Speaking Fellow at NYU Shanghai.
How the Innovation and Competition Act Could Affect US-Taiwan Relations
Joe Henley
Joe Henley is a Taipei-based freelance writer, journalist, script writer, author, and musician. His latest book, 'Migrante', is out now with Camphor Press.
The Miaoli Lockdown and Taiwan’s Migrant Worker Apartheid
Jonathan Hum
Jonathan Hum is an Asian American journalist born and raised in Washington, D.C. He has degrees in Biology and Political Science, and has been living in Taiwan since 2014, where he discovered a passion for telling people's stories.
How Taiwan’s Cram Schools Have Struggled to Adapt