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Zi Yang
Zi Yang is a researcher and consultant on China affairs. He covers Chinese politics, security, and emerging markets. Zi holds an MA from Georgetown University and a BA from George Mason University. Follow him on Twitter @MrZiYang.
Rural China and the Asian Methamphetamine Trade: A Case Study of Lufeng
Hui Feng and Stephen Bell
Dr Hui Feng is a research fellow at the Griffith Asia Institute and Stephen Bell is Professor of political economy in the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland. The authors’ previous collaboration The rise of the People’s Bank of China: the politics of institutional change was published by Harvard University Press.
China and 'Banking on Growth Models'
Rod Wye
Rod Wye is Associate Fellow, Asia Programme at Chatham House. Mr Wye has more than 30 years’ experience working as a government analyst specializing on China and East Asia for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He retired as head of research on Asia at the FCO in 2010.  He served twice as a first secretary in the British Embassy in Beijing in the 1980s and the 1990s where he was responsible for reporting on Chinese domestic affairs. He was also deputy head of the FCO China Hong Kong department from 1999 to 2002.
The UK and China: Resetting the Relationship
Peter Wood
Peter Wood is the Editor of China Brief. You can follow him on Twitter @PeterWood_PDW
Chinese Acquisitions Undercut Taiwan, US Semiconductor Industry Edge
Dr. Willy Wo-Lap Lam
Dr. Willy Wo-Lap Lam is a Senior Fellow at The Jamestown Foundation. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Center for China Studies, the History Department and the Program of Master’s in Global Political Economy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is the author of five books on China, including “Chinese Politics in the Era of Xi Jinping: Renaissance, Reform, or Retrogression?"
Beijing’s New Scorched-Earth Policy Against the Uighurs
Yuan-ling Liang
Yuan-ling Liang is a staff writer for The News Lens International.
Startup Discovers 'Long Distance' No Barrier to Finding Love
Ivan Labayne
Ivan Labayne is part of the art collective Pedantic Pedestrians. He obtained his BA and MA in Language and Literature at the University of the Philippines-Baguio. His works have appeared in Daluyan, a UP literary publication, and the Ateneo de Manila’s peer-reviewed journal, Kritika Kultura. He currently teaches Art, Appreciation, Literature and Creative Writing to senior high and college students at Adamson University.
The Changing Power of Rumors
Anthea McCarthy-Jones
Anthea McCarthy-Jones is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Business, Government and Law, the University of Canberra.
Shining Light on the Pacific’s Dark Networks
Tom Fawthorp
No Author Introduction.
Blasting the Mekong for Commercial Shipping
Jason Hsu
Jason Hsu (許毓仁) is a legislator-at-large with Taiwan's Kuomintang. He founded TEDxTaipei.
OPINION: Bye Bye Uber, Now What?
Yasuo Takao
Yasuo Takao is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts at Curtin University, Perth.
Will Same-Sex Partnerships in Japan Go National?
Kim Kee-seok
Kim Kee-seok is a Professor of Comparative Politics at the Department of Political Science, Kangwon National University.
OPINION: Solving the Puzzle of Park Geun-hye
Luc Forsyth and Denise Hruby
No Author Introduction.
Yunnan Village Turns ‘Grapes of God’ into Big Bucks
Hung-ya Lien
Hung-Ya Lien is from Taiwan. She graduated with an MSc in Politics and Government in the EU from LSE in 2008. Once a happy Sales Assistant in Zavvi and HMV in London, her current position is Assistant Research Fellow at the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy in Taiwan. 
The Best Bookshops in Fukuoka, Japan