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Timothy S. Rich
Timothy S. Rich is an assistant professor in political science at Western Kentucky University. His main research focuses on the impact of electoral reforms in Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan compared to similar legislative systems. His broader research interests include electoral politics, domestic and international politics of East Asia, and qualitative and quantitative methods.
By the Numbers: The Challenges to Building Trust Between Taiwan and China
Mong Palatino
Mong Palatino is a Philippines activist, former legislator, Southeast Asia blogger, and Chair of Bayan Metro Manila.
THAILAND: Citizens Hit the Streets as Government Floats Another Election Delay
Stellina Chen
Stellina Chen is an illustrator and a cartoonist with a special interest in world news.
CARTOON: Tsai Ing-wen Slays the 'One China' Dragon as the World Applauds
Roy Ngerng
Roy Ngerng writes on social issues and equality. He was also named a Human Rights Defender by the United Nations and believes that human rights and social justice will enable fairer, happier and more compassionate societies.
OPINION: Why the World Should Stand With Tsai and the 'Taiwan Consensus'
Hilton Yip
Hilton Yip is a freelance writer and editor based in Taiwan who has also worked in Hong Kong and Beijing. He writes about regional political and socio-economic developments as well as books and travel.   
OPINION: Xi Jinping's 'Unification' Demand Shows Tsai Was Right All Along
Michael Garber
Michael Garber is a Taipei based journalist and documentary film maker. He previously wrote for the TomoNews YouTube channel, and was researcher on several Discovery Channel documentaries about Taiwan. He splits his time between Taipei and a dilapidated yet glorious beach house.
Legislator Slams 'Embarrassing' Failure to Protect Taiwan's Migrant Fishermen
Nick Aspinwall
Nick Aspinwall is a journalist based in Taipei and an editor-at-large for The News Lens. He has also written for The Diplomat and News Deeply. When he’s not reporting, he can be found on a diving boat or perhaps stranded deep within a remote mountain range.
Tsai Ing-wen Puts Forth 'Four Musts' for Positive Cross-Strait Relations
Stuart Heaver
Stuart Heaver is a freelance journalist based in Hong Kong with a special interest in China and the maritime silk road.
Want to Understand the US-China Trade War? Turn Back the Clock to 1784
Taiwan Insight
Taiwan Insight is the online magazine of the University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Program.
By the Numbers: Is Taiwan Ready for English as a National Language?
Saigoneer is an English-language digital platform covering urban development, history, food, culture and the arts in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and throughout Vietnam. Read more at: saigoneer.com.
What We Know So Far About the 152 Missing Vietnamese Tourists in Taiwan
社會觀察 x 獨立評論 x 多元觀點 x 公共書寫 x 世代翻轉,對於我們周遭的生活議題,希望為大眾提供多元與獨特的觀點,刺激反省與思辨。不論立場,只要能清楚表達自己的觀點與論述,評論或剖析能言之成理,我們都歡迎來稿!
OPINION: Halting Taichung's 'Shanshou Line' Plans Would Be a Fatal Mistake
Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya & Jyotirmoy Saharia
Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya is an independent journalist covering the environment, the politics of natural resources and conservation. Jyotirmoy Saharia is a freelance writer based in Assam, India.
The World of the Khiamniungan Nagas on the Border of India & Myanmar
TIME is a global, breaking news multimedia brand. An essential destination for reporting on the people, places and issues that matter, TIME captures the events that shape our lives through exceptional reporting, writing and photography.
Philippines President Duterte Admits to Sexually Assaulting Maid as Teenager
Kent Wang
Kent Wang is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Taiwan-America Studies who publishes frequently on the Taiwan issue in Sino-American relations, as well as other topics on East Asian international politics and regional security.
OPINION: US Bolsters Its Support for Taiwan With Comprehensive New Law
Suzanne Pepper
Suzanne Pepper is a Hong Kong-based American writer with a long-standing interest in Chinese politics. She is the author of: Keeping Democracy at Bay: Hong Kong and the Challenge of Chinese Political Reform. She blogs at http://chinaelectionsblog.net/hkfocus/.
HONG KONG: Looking Back on a Rough 2018 for 'One Country, Two Systems'