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Dean Karalekas
Dean Karalekas is a Canadian researcher specializing in civil-military relations, emergency management, and Asia-Pacific security. He is the Associate Editor of Strategic Vision, an English-language security journal published in Taipei. He completed his undergraduate degree at Canada’s McGill University, and earned his MA and PHD in Asia-Pacific Studies at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University. He is currently working on a book about the ROC military and resides in New York City. He can be reached for comment at dkaralekas@hotmail.com.
OPINION: After AIT Opening, It's Time to Stop Downplaying US-Taiwan Ties
Brendan Thomas-Noone
Brendan Thomas-Noone is a Research Associate in the Alliance 21 Program at the United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney.
Asia's Nuclear Powers Switch Focus to New Missile Technologies
Jasmine Su
Jasmine Su is a student at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. Having grown up in Taipei, Taiwan, she is intrigued by China's domestic political and economic landscape as well as its diplomatic development. She is also interested in classical literature and loves writing.
TAIWAN: Does NTU's Academic Autonomy Rally Reflect Democracy’s Failure?
Vivienne Chow
Vivienne Chow is a Hong Kong-based journalist and critic specializing in arts, culture and cultural politics. She is the founding director of non-profit educational initiative Cultural Journalism Campus.
Hong Kong's Passports Reveal a Deeper Divide
Dai Wangyun
Dai Wangyun is a Ph.D. student at East China Normal University focusing on folk customs, body culture, and medical culture.
A Brief History of China's Great Squat Toilet Divide
Zhang Chenyi
Zhang Chenyi is an undergraduate at Zhejiang Normal University.
China's New Female Teachers Face Gender Discrimination
Roy C. Lee
Roy C. Lee is Deputy Executive Director, Taiwan WTO & RTA Center, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER).
ANALYSIS: Bubbling US-China Trade War Provides Major Headache for Taiwan
Brian Hioe
Brian Hioe was one of the founding editors of New Bloom, a freelance writer on social movements and politics, and an occasional translator.
Why is China Planning Floating Nuclear Reactors?
Chun-Yi Lee
Chun-Yi Lee is the Founding Editor of Taiwan Insight and a lecturer at the school of Politics and International Relation at the University of Nottingham.
Cross-Strait Tensions Could Spread to Southeast Asia in 2018
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar is Taiwan MOFA Visiting Fellow at National Chengchi University, Taipei.
OPINION: India ASEAN Relations Blossom in Delhi as China Looks on
Dinah Gardner
Dinah Gardner is a Taipei-based reporter and a researcher for human rights NGO Safeguard Defenders.
Saving Taiwan's Forests from the Treetops
Mike Callaghan
Mike Callaghan is a former Program Director of the G20 Studies Centre and a Nonresident Fellow at the Lowy Institute.
US Chances of Rejoining the TPP Fade
Noah Kittner and Sopitsuda Tongsopit
Noah Kittner is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Sopitsuda Tongsopit directed Thailand’s Solar PV Roadmap Initiative and is a Partner at the Creagy, a clean energy consulting firm based in Southeast Asia.
Thailand to Taiwan: Look to Renewable Energy and Storage
Chinadialogue (https://www.chinadialogue.net) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting a common understanding of China's urgent environmental challenges.
ANALYSIS: AIIB's Belt and Road Plans Augur Ill for the Environment
Malaysiakini.com offers daily news and views in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil.
Malaysian NGOs Sound Warning on PM Candidates
Swagata Yadavar
Swagata Yadavar is principal correspondent with IndiaSpend.
India's Health System Is Unprepared for an Emerging Sexual Revolution
K Yhome
K Yhome is a Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi.
Can India's 'Military Diplomacy' Help Pacify Myanmar?
Sophal Ear
Sophal Ear, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Diplomacy & World Affairs at Occidental College. He is the author of Aid Dependence in Cambodia: How Foreign Assistance Undermines Democracy and co-author of The Hungry Dragon: How China's Resource Quest Is Reshaping the World. He is a TED Fellow, with a TED Talk viewed more than half a million times, and the license-holder for TEDxOccidentalCollege.
OPINION: Weighing the Costs of Cambodia's Rental to China