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Darice D. Chang
Darice is a writer, artist, and educator-activist based in Taiwan. They speak three languages and are usually getting paid to use one of them. In their spare time they enjoy the local music scene and promoting healthy, ethical living.
Fifth Iteration of No Meat Provides Plant Based Revelers a Compassionate Holiday
Dolma Tsering
Dolma Tsering is a postdoctoral candidate with National Cheng Kung University. Currently learning Chinese language at National Taiwan Normal University.
The Tibetan National Uprising Day and China’s Tibet Dilemma
Milo Hsieh
Milo Hsieh studies international relations at American University. He is a freelance journalist based in Washington D.C. 
Hostility Towards Transgender Influencer Chiang Chia-Wen Is Unacceptable
Anthony Kao
Anthony Kao is an independent writer and founder of Cinema Escapist, a publication about international film.
‘Blue Bayou’ Achingly Dramatizes Plight of US Transnational Adoptees, but Will it Resonate Today?
Xiaochen Su
Xiaochen Su has a PhD from the University of Tokyo, writing his dissertation on the social integration of Chinese migrants in Russia. He has lived and worked in East Africa, Taiwan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.
Railway Travel as a New Year’s Tradition in Asia
Leo Galuh
Leo Galuh is an Indonesian-based journalist, a former reporter at tvOne (Indonesian television news channel) and NHK World News (Nippon Hoso Kyokai).           
How Trans Women in Bandung, Indonesia Built New Lives in Covid Economy
Tonggo Simangunsong
Tonggo Simangunsong is an Indonesian journalist based in Medan city, North Sumatra. His work has appeared in VICE, South China Morning Post, Al Jazeera, New Naratif and Destinasian, covering environmental issues, culture, politics, life, and travel.
Indonesian Government Official Threatens Legal Trouble For Those Who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccine
Safina Nabi
Safina Nabi is a full-time independent journalist based in Kashmir. She writes about gender, health, human rights, and development.
‘It Feels Like It Was a Trap’: Stateless in Indian Administered Kashmir
Tessa Charupatanapongse
Tessa Charupatanapongse is a mental wellness advocate, semicolon enthusiast, and polyglot who enjoys reading, yoga, and discovering new cafes. She writes about social issues, feminism, and equality and has an M.S.Ed in International Education Development.
Thailand Is Reopening to Tourists. What Would a More Ethical Tourism Look Like?
Daniel Yo-Ling Chen
Daniel Yo-Ling Chen (he/they/他) is a writer and independent scholar based in Taipei. They studied Anthropology at the University of Virginia and write primarily about ethics.
Abandoning Anthropology, From Virginia to Taipei
Johanna M. Costigan
Johanna M. Costigan is a writer from New York. Her work has been featured in L’Atelier, ChinaFile, The Diplomat, and others. She holds an MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies from the University of Oxford and previously worked as a Writing and Speaking Fellow at NYU Shanghai.
How the Innovation and Competition Act Could Affect US-Taiwan Relations
SueAnn Shiah
SueAnn Shiah is a Taiwanese American musician, filmmaker, community organizer, and emerging theologian specializing in identity formation, racial justice, gender, and sexuality. Her first feature length documentary HuanDao follows her journey in asking the question “Who is Taiwanese?” in a two week bike trip around Taiwan. She released her debut solo album of reclaimed hymns, “A Liturgy for the Perseverance of the Saints” in June 2018. In addition to her own creative and theological works, she collaborates with other artists and musicians in a variety of capacities as an artist manager, producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and creator of liturgy. She has a B.B.A. in Music Business with a Production emphasis and a Chinese minor from Belmont University and is currently finishing a Masters of Arts in Musicology at National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan and will be beginning a Master of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary this fall.
No Saviors, No Satisfaction in ‘Promising Young Woman’ — and Why That’s a Good thing
James Baron
James Baron is a contributing writer for The News Lens. He is a Taipei-based freelance writer.
Fisherman’s Friend? Film Festival Documentary Fails To Lift Lid on Industry Abuses
Jonah Walters
Jonah Walters has a PhD in Geography from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. His essays have appeared in NACLA Report on the Americas, New Left Review, Jacobin, and elsewhere.
Nicaragua’s Rejection of Taiwan Was Pragmatic — Not Principled
Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine
Taiwan Business TOPICS is published monthly by the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, and covers current topics affecting business conditions in Taiwan, an Industry Focus section on a particular industrial sector, and other reports prepared by the magazine’s staff of experienced professional journalists.
Taiwan’s Pandemic Hit Hotel Industry Needs a Lifeline
Mongabay seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of nature and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging trends in climate, technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development.
As World Sours on Coal, Top Producer Indonesia Tries To Sweeten It at Home
TNL Research
TNL Research provides insight and analysis on the latest market trends and social issues.
Taiwanese drama has strong potential in Southeast Asia Mandarin OTT market
OCF Lab is a digital media platform established by the Open Culture Foundation (OCF). The Lab integrates topics regarding digital human rights, civic science, and technology by publishing various articles on a regular basis. It is expected to meet the various demands of open culture advocates, technology followers, and the general public on different levels of science and technology. OCF was founded in 2015 to promote three core issues: open source, open data, and open government.
On the Use of Digital Identity in Asia (3) – Digital Identity in Singapore & South Korea