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TNL Daily News
Your weekday morning news brief from Taiwan.
Women’s March Braves the Rain in Taipei, Tsai Touts Gender Equality
Toh Jin Xuan
Toh Jin Xuan is a Malaysian-born Chinese based in Taipei and an editor for The News Lens ASEAN Edition. 
China's Absence From Golden Horse Underscores Taiwan's Cultural Diversity
Rik Glauert
Rik Glauert is a freelance journalist and student based in Taipei. He specializes in politics and human rights and has previously reported from China, Hong Kong, and Myanmar.
Taiwan’s Same-Sex Marriage Law Yet to Fulfill Marriage Equality
Syrena Lin
Syrena currently works at Taiwan's legislative office. She is a lover of animals, nature, and history. 
Travel Back in Time With ‘Dadaocheng Museum’ This Weekend
Jennifer Gunther
Jennifer Gunther is a freelance journalist, currently based in Taiwan brushing up her Mandarin. She most loves roaming around in the mountains, having mutually unintelligible conversations with local Taiwanese.
Kaohsiung Rocked by Two Conflicting Political Rallies Over the Weekend
TIME is a global, breaking news multimedia brand. An essential destination for reporting on the people, places and issues that matter, TIME captures the events that shape our lives through exceptional reporting, writing and photography.
Hong Kong's New Protest Anthem Renews Sense of Unity
Ross Darrell Feingold
Ross Darrell Feingold is a political analyst and lawyer in Taipei, and host of the Storm Media #Taiwan program, an English language discussion about Taiwan politics and economics.
Taiwan Is Not a 'Renegade Province' With a Tea Party
Taiwan Insight
Taiwan Insight is the online magazine of the University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Program.
Taiwan’s Immigration Policy Challenges in 2020
Lausan 流傘 is a collective of writers, researchers, activists, and artists from Hong Kong and its diaspora. Through organizing, translation, and original commentary, Lausan aims to build solidarity on the international left with Hongkongers’ political struggle.
How Can We Abolish the Hong Kong Police Force?
Louis Lo
Louis Lo is an opinion and analysis editor at The News Lens. 
The KMT Party List Is an Insult to the Taiwanese Public
TAIPEI is a quarterly magazine published in both English and Japanese editions, providing foreign residents and overseas tourists with useful information on Taipei’s feature events, tourist attractions, fine foods, historical sites, and cultural practices. It is a medium that visitors can utilize to better understand Taipei City. TAIPEI is available for free at MRT stations, Taipei Visitor Information Centers, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Eslite Bookstores.
Taipei Winter: Warming, Hearty, Comforting Year-End Hot Pot Gatherings
Raphael Lin
The ‘1992 Consensus’ Never Existed — Beijing Only Wanted ‘One China’
Katrina Hatchett
Katrina Hatchett is involved with business projects across the board while being a lifestyle blogger at Academic Brits and a writer for Origin Writings. She enjoys problem location as well as resolution, and she aims to improve communication and its effectiveness. She also works as a blog editor at PhD Kingdom.
What You Need to Know About Studying Abroad in Taiwan
Taiwan Scene
Taiwan Scene is an online travel magazine. We publish stories introducing readers to the culture, scenery and travel possibilities of our homeland, articles to help travelers make the most of their time in Taiwan, and occasional interviews with movers and shakers from Taiwan’s ever-expanding creative scene.
Taiwan to Host Its First Eco-Friendly Lantern Festival in October
Chen Yu-chiao
Chen Yu-chiao is a student of the Graduate Institute of East Asian studies at National Chengchi University in Taipei. She is interested in international politics and issues of China, searching for more dialogue between East Asia and Europe inspired by her exchange experience in Germany.
The 'Taiwan Model' of Adopting Human Rights Treaties Without UN Membership
The Pangolin Reports
The Pangolin Reports is a pioneering initiative by the Global Environmental Reporting Collective consisting of more than 30 journalists in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The joint investigation looks closely into the illicit trade of the pangolin, said to be the world’s most trafficked mammal.
Philippine Wildlife Protection Law Fails to Curb Pangolin Trafficking
Hiro Fu
Hiro Fu is an undergraduate studying politics and media at the University of California, Berkeley. He is from Taipei, Taiwan.
50 Shades of Green: The Democratic Progressive Party's Identity Crisis
CJ Sheu
CJ Sheu is a Taipei-based film critic at Critics at Large and elsewhere; he has been published by Bright Wall/Dark Room, Funscreen (Taiwan), and LeonardMaltin.com. He's also doing a PhD in 21st-century American fiction. Hit him up on Twitter @cjthereviewer.
'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' Defies the Male Gaze in Cinema