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Christopher Layne
Christopher Layne is University Distinguished Professor of International Affairs at Texas A & M University.
In US-China Conflict, What Is the End Game for Taiwan?
Leung Wing-fai
Leung Wing-fai is Lecturer in Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London.
China’s Film Industry: Blocked by its Own Great Wall
Jichang Lulu
Jichang Lulu is an independent researcher and writes frequently on China’s interests in the Arctic.
Using Religion Against Itself: State-Managed Buddhism and Chinese-Mongolian Relations
Keith Menconi
Keith Menconi is a Taipei-based freelance writer and the host of ICRT's weekly Taiwan news talk show, Taiwan This Week.
Taiwan Bosses Face Succession Struggle
Darren J. Lim and Victor Ferguson
Darren J. Lim is a Lecturer in International Relations at the School of Politics and International Relations, The Australian National University. Victor Ferguson is a Research Assistant at the School of Politics and International Relations, The Australian National University.
Costs of Chinese Boycotts Cut Both Ways
Morley J Weston
Morley J Weston believes that the internet is a passing fad, but is obsessed with maps, stats and far-out solutions to the world's big problems.
MAP: Southeast Asia's Highways Stretch for Days
The Gogoro vs. The International Market
Michael Turton
Michael Turton, a lifelong expat in Taiwan, runs the well-known Taiwan politics blog The View from Taiwan.
OPINION: Exploiting Cross-Strait Tensions for Fun and Profit
Max Martin
Max Martin researches and writes on how people respond to changes in the environment and climate.
Rohingya Face Conflux of Conflict, Development and Disaster
Jiayun Feng
Jiayun Feng is a Master's student from the Journalism School at New York University.
FEATURE: The Long Battle for Chinese Feminism
TF Rhoden
TF Rhoden is a PhD candidate at Northern Illinois University. His research and teaching interests include Southeast Asian politics, democratization, human migration, development, state regimes, and comparative politics in general.
Death of a Monarch or an Oligarch?
Thitinan Pongsudhirak
Thitinan Pongsudhirak teaches International Political Economy and directs the Institute of Security and International Studies at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.
A New Dawn: Thailand After King Bhumibol
Johan Lagerkvist
Johan Lagerkvist is Professor of Chinese Language and Culture, Stockholm University and author of 'Tiananmen Redux: The Hard Truth about the Expanded Neoliberal World Order', New York: Peter Lang, 2016. He is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the China Policy Institute.
Trump, Tiananmen and the Rise of Authoritarianism
Atif Ansar and Bent Flyvbjerg
Bent Flyvbjerg is the first BT Professor and inaugural Chair of Major Programme Management at Oxford University's Saïd Business School and a Professorial Fellow of St Anne's College, University of Oxford. Atif Ansar is a Fellow of Keble College and Programme Director of the MSc in Major Programme Management (MMPM) at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.
China’s Great Wall of Debt
Lin Fei-fan, Chen Wei-ting and June Lin
No Author Introduction.
Recognizing Taiwan Does Not ‘Damage’ the US
Derek Ye Xiao Di
Derek Ye Xiao Di is a PhD student, studying Political Science at National Taiwan University.
Taiwan's Place in Global Order Shifts as US Turns Inwards