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Bonnie Glaser & Matthew Funaiole
Bonnie S. Glaser is a senior adviser for Asia and the director of the China Power Project at CSIS, where she works on issues related to Chinese foreign and security policy. She is concomitantly a non-resident fellow with the Lowy Institute in Sydney, a senior associate with CSIS Pacific Forum and a consultant for the U.S. government on East Asia. Matthew P. Funaiole is a fellow with the China Power Project at CSIS. His research focuses on power relationships and alliance structures in the Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining CSIS, Dr. Funaiole taught international relations and foreign policy at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland, where he also completed his doctoral research.
Shooting in South China Sea Underscores Need For Code Of Conduct
Lu Yunwen and Wang Lianzhang
No Author Introduction.
Aspiring Architect Minecrafts Virtual Forbidden City
Scott Shackelford
Scott Shackelford is a professor at Indiana University where he teaches and researches in the field of cybersecurity law and policy.
Internet Balkanization in China
Serina Abdul Rahman and Christopher H. Lim
Serina Abdul Rahman is Visiting Fellow (Malaysia Programme/ Regional Economic Studies) at the National University of Singapore Christopher H. Lim is Senior Fellow in Science, Technology & Economics at RSIS, Nanyang Technological University.
To Fight Radicalization in Southeast Asia, Empower the Women
Ma Te
Ma Te is a freelance writer focusing on cultural relics and ethnic history.
Fast-Fading Memories of Harbin’s Migrant History
Wang Yuhao
Wang Yuhao is the CEO of Aha School, which offers customizable online education.
Bringing the World’s Great Museums to 200,000 Children in China
Zachary Abuza
Zachary Abuza is Professor of National Security Strategy at the US National War College. The views expressed here are his own, and do not reflect the opinions of the Department of Defense, National Defense University, or the National War College. Follow him @ZachAbuza.
The Fall and Rise of Jihadism in Southeast Asia
Jong–Wha Lee & Warwick McKibbin
Jong–Wha Lee is a Professor of economics and Director of the Asiatic Research Institute at Korea University, and a president of the Korea International Economic Association. Warwick McKibbin is the Director of the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis at Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University.
Get Ready for Unification: South Korea's Looming 'Berlin Wall' Moment
Richard Javad Heydarian
Richard Javad Heydarian is an assistant professor in political science at De La Salle University, and a policy adviser at the Philippine House of Representatives (2009-2015). He is the author of Asia’s New Battlefield: The US, China, and the Struggle for Western Pacific.
Putting Duterte’s Popularity into Perspective of Philippines Political Culture
Kwei-Bo Huang
Kwei-Bo Huang is Vice Dean at the College of International Affairs and Associate Professor of Diplomacy at National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC). He served as chairman of the Research and Planning Committee at the Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs between February 2009 and January 2011.
Tsai's Southbound Policy Faces 'One China' Opposition
Louise Watt
Louise Watt is a Taipei-based freelance journalist. She has previously worked for newspapers in the UK and Spain, as well as for The Associated Press for more than a decade in countries including China and Thailand.
VIDEO: Taiwan Celebrates Love of Classic Mini Cars
Sher Singh Verick
Sher Singh Verick is a Visiting Fellow at the Australia South Asia Research Centre at the Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University. He is also the Deputy Director of the International Labour Organization’s Decent Work Team for South Asia and Country Office for India.
Why Developing Nations Need Not Fear Automation
Gavin Briggs
Gavin Briggs is a lecturer in national security and international relations in the Department of Social Sciences and International Studies at Curtin University in Perth.
Geography Still Matters amid South China Sea Shifts
Eli Elinoff
Eli Elinoff is a lecturer in Cultural Anthropology at the Victoria University of Wellington. He has published work in South East Asia Research, Political and Legal Anthropology Review, Contemporary Southeast Asia, and the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.
Thailand's Urban Planning: a Weapon against the Poor