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WE PEOPLE 東西名人雜誌
《WE PEOPLE 東西名人》雜誌在 2006 年創刊,是全台第一本為成功人士、時尚菁英、社交圈 中人與奢華旅遊者所量身打造的生活時尚雜誌。以正面傳達健康的人生享樂態度,希望帶給讀者更豐富的觀感與新資訊,為台灣的雜誌生態圈注入一股新的影響力。
Medical School Professor says, "Sleep builds competitiveness."
謝夙霓,台灣師範大學國文系博士肄業,領域專長西周金文、戰國楚簡文字研究。因先生工作關係移居瑞典林雪平,居住瑞典七年,育有一子一女,目前專職育兒業餘寫作,兼瑞典古董店實習小雜工。 寫作內容包括:瑞典生活大小事,瑞典幼兒教育,古董小器皿,瑞典觀察意難平,懷念思鄉情未了,台灣媽媽書寫瑞典,期待將希望種子的種下,讓台灣變得更美好。
Why Do We Think Foreign Children Aren't Noisy?
For the past 20 years, DDG has been helping ambitious companies unveil their greatness — uncovering insights and opportunities that help businesses and brands evolve and expand globally.
Made in Taiwan: Re-Positioning a Behind the Scenes Business Success Story
Chris Horton
Chris Horton is a journalist based in Taipei, Taiwan. He has been writing about Asia for more than a decade, covering topics including news, politics, business, travel, the environment, sports and the arts. Chris' writing has been published in magazines, newspapers and websites in Asia, the US and UK, most recently in The New York Times, Quartz, Financial Times, The Atlantic, ChinaFile and FORTUNE China.  
US Tax Cuts Entice Taiwan Firms
Steve Hess
Steve Hess is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Bridgeport. He is the recent author of two books Charting the Roots of Anti-Chinese Populism in Africa, co-authored with Richard Aidoo (New York: Springer, 2015), and Authoritarian Landscapes: Popular Mobilization and the Institutional Sources of Resilience in Nondemocracies (New York: Springer, 2013).
Xi, the CCP and Dynamic Authoritarian Resilience
Yun Zhao is Professor of Law and Head of Department of Law at the University of Hong Kong.
China and the Problem of Trash in Space
Ian Dudgeon
Ian is a Presidential Associate of the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA). He served as President of the AIIA's Australian Capital Territory (ACT) branch from February 2008 until August 2012. Professionally, Ian is the Principal of Ian Dudgeon & Associates P/L, a Canberra-based consultancy established in 1997 that focuses on natural security research, training and other corporate services to government and the private sector, in Australia and overseas. Prior to 1997, Ian served for 32 years in the Foreign Affairs and Trade and Defence portfolios. His foreign service includes postings to Australian diplomatic missions in Chile, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan. Ian recently visited Pakistan and the U.S.
Pakistan: Leader's Reputation on the Line in Terrorist Crackdown
Jim Plamondon
Jim Plamondon is an American-Australian marketer now living in Cambodia.
Cambodia Exports Can Get High on Cannabis
Patrick Jory
Dr Patrick Jory is a Senior Lecturer in Southeast Asian History at the School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry at the University of Queensland.
Thailand Now 'Made in China?' Bangkok Gets Closer to Beijing
Eric Heginbotham
Eric Heginbotham is a principal research scientist at MIT’s Center for International Studies and a specialist in Asian security issues. Before joining MIT, he was a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation, where he led research projects on China, Japan, and regional security issues and regularly briefed senior military, intelligence, and political leaders.
Here's What China's Army Will Look Like in 2026
Beth Walker
Beth Walker is chinadialogue’s culture editor. She is also editor of thethirdpole.net. She has researched and written about Asia’s international rivers for many years, and has lived and worked in Yunnan province. She studied Chinese at Oxford University and Development Management at the London School of Economics.
Murder in Myanmar: Reporter's Death Linked to Illegal Logging
Hendri Yulius
Hendri Yulius obtained his Master’s in public policy from the National University of Singapore, and is the author of Coming Out. He is currently pursuing his Masters by Research in Gender and Cultural Studies at The University of Sydney.
The Politics of Shaming Gay Sex in Indonesia
Molly McBride Jacobson
No Author Introduction.
Watch a Melodramatic Communist Ballet from 1964
Mohammad Zubair Khan
Mohammad Zubair Khan is an Islamabad-based environmental journalist.
Where Now for Indonesia's Banned Muslim Organization?
Barbara Slavin
Barbara Slavin is acting director of the Future of Iran Initiative at the Atlantic Council, a Washington think tank, and a former journalist for The Economist, the New York Times and USA Today.
OPINION: From Obama Optimism to Trumpian Gloom
Hannah Wurf
Hannah Wurf is a Research Associate working on international economic governance. Her current research focuses on the G20 and the multilateral development banks. She holds a Masters of Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelor of International Studies (Honours) with a Major in Government from the University of Sydney. During her undergraduate degree, she spent six months studying at Sciences-Po in Paris. She also has three years of private sector experience and lived in Hong Kong for eight years.
Xi Jinping, the Savior of Globalization?