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The China Policy Institute
The China Policy Institute is a research center based at the University of Nottingham focusing on all aspects of contemporary China, Taiwan and China's global engagement.
Can Women's Football Catch On in China?
Jeremy Firster
Jeremy Firster is a supporter of distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies. He is an active member of the blockchain community in Taiwan having co-hosted various events including Taiwan Blockchain Summit, BlockCity, blockchain hackathons, and various meetups focusing on company profiles and technology discussion. He is a seasoned corporate banker, having played a pivotal role in the development of international loan markets for Taiwanese banks. Jeremy also served as a business lecturer in China at Soochow University teaching Cluster Economics and International Trade. Jeremy graduated from Shih Chien University with a Masters Degree in International Business. Currently Jeremy is the Co-Founder of Blockcamp, a Blockchain Accelerator based in Taipei. Taiwan.
Priming Taiwan for Self-Regulatory Organization
Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya, Ankita Bora & Sumit Das
Bikash Kumar Bhattacharya is an independent journalist based in Assam, northeastern India. Ankita Bora is a freelance photographer based in Assam, northeastern India. Sumit Das is an independent photographer and cinematographer based in Assam, northeastern India. The three are collaborating on a multimedia project that aims to document the lifeworld of the Brokpa.
PHOTO ESSAY: The Last Semi-Nomadic Yak Herders of the Himalayas
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia is the Principal at Taipei Urbanism where he works on transportation and sustainability projects. Join the discussion about Taiwan's transportation and urbanism on his Twitter @taipeiurbanism.
The Planned Expressway to Taipei Would Be a Disaster
is a weekly video explainer that seeks to bring international news closer to Chinese-speaking audiences everywhere.
[WorldView] How Taiwan Battles COVID-19
Jue Ren
Jue Ren is a postdoctoral researcher at the SGS of the Harbin Institute of Technology. She graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Ph.D. in Gender Studies and now works as a digital anthropologist and expert on gender and rural and urban development in China.
Sex Scandal Highlights Changing Attitudes to Hook-Up Culture in China
Bin Liang
Bin Liang is a Professor of Sociology at Oklahoma State University. His current research focuses on sex offenses against minors in China, criminal defense and judicial sentencing in China’s death penalty cases, Chinese netizens’ opinion and reactions towards death sentencing in China, and Chinese judicial sentencing of corruption crimes.
Corruption and the Death Penalty in China
Joan Johnson-Freese
Joan Johnson-Freese is a Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval War College in Newport, RI, and the author of Space Warfare in the 21st Century: Arming the Heavens (November 2016).
China’s Secret Weapon in Space
John Costello
John Costello is a Senior Analyst for Cyber and East Asia at Flashpoint. He is a Cybersecurity Fellow for New America and former Congressional Innovation Fellow for majority staff in the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. John is also a US Navy veteran, former NSA Analyst, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.
China's Cyber-Focused Military Unit Emerges from the Shadows
Sana Saleem
The author is a blogger at The Guardian and Dawn. Her archive of published and unpublished work can be found on her personal blog.
Washing Machine Ad Making Light of Domestic Violence Causes Outrage in Pakistan
Marta Colombo
Marta Colombo is a 2017 Master of Journalism graduate from HKU. In the fall of 2016 she worked as an intern at CNN International in Hong Kong, Before moving to Hong Kong she studied Asian history at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.
From Hong Kong to Italy and Back: Heidi Li Sings Her Multicultural Journey
Ying-yu Alicia Chen
Ying-Yu Alicia Chen is a Taiwanese freelance journalist, focusing on refugee issues, migrants’ rights, and other social affairs. Her works have been published by Al Jazeera English, Equal Times, Taiwan-based media The Reporter, and Hong Kong-based Initium Media, among others.
Independence Day Takes On New Meaning For Indonesian Fishermen
The Most Meaningful Passenger A Former Flight Attendant Ever Served Was One She Couldn't See
Herbert Hanreich
Seeing Taiwanese's Lack of Self-Control From Blind Cars
Henry Lam
Henry Lam is from Hong Kong. He is now a freelance journalist, columnist and novelist in Toronto. E-mail: jiajiawriter@gmail.com
A Tale of Asian LGBTQ ‘Fraud’ Awards
Ho Ming-sho
Ho Ming-sho is Professor in the department of sociology, National Taiwan University, and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the China Policy Institute.
The Umbrella Movement and Hong Kong’s LegCo Election