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Raina Paul
Raina Paul is a Bangalore-based independent journalist associated with 101reporters.com, a pan-India network of grassroot journalists.
Male Reluctance sees India’s Contraceptive Use Fall, Abortions Surge
Guoqi Xu
No Author Introduction.
North Korea's Political Olympics
Jason Wang
Jason Wang is a leading cross border practitioner at the intersection of telecommunications, technology, and media industries. As a partner at Cypress River Advisors, he specializes in enabling his clients to create value from their convergent investments. His clients include Asia Pacific’s largest mobile telecoms operators, satellite operators, global content providers, and financial services corporations. During his off-hours he continues to conduct information security research in a volatile world.
Behind the Hype on “New Space”
Wong Chin Huat
Wong Chin Huat is the Head of Political Studies at Penang Institute.
A Roadmap for Breaking Malaysia's 'One Party State'
Isaac Stone Fish
Isaac Stone Fish is a journalist and a senior fellow at the Asia Society's Center on U.S.-China Relations in New York City; he is also a contributor to CBSN and an international affairs analyst for PRI's The World. Previously he served as Foreign Policy Magazine's Asia Editor: he managed coverage of the region, and wrote about the politics, economics, and international affairs of China, Japan, and North Korea. A fluent Mandarin speaker and formerly a Beijing correspondent for Newsweek, Stone Fish spent seven years living in China prior to joining Foreign Policy. He has traveled widely in the region and in the country, visiting every Chinese province, autonomous region, and municipality.
China to Clamp Down on VPNs, Reinforce Great Firewall
Dan Marshall-Singh
Dan Marshall-Singh is a UK freelancer based in Hong Kong.
Is Hong Kong's Tap of Cheap Domestics About to Run Dry?
Samantha Hoffman
Samantha Hoffman is an independent consultant. She is currently finalizing her Ph.D.: “Programming China: The Communist Party’s Autonomic Approach to Managing State Security”. She tweets @he_shumei
Managing the State: Social Credit, Surveillance and the CCP’s Plan for China
Chen Ching-de
Chen Ching-de is a researcher and author on South Korean culture. He is a Ph.D. graduate from Seoul National University and has written three books on language and cultural observations in South Korea. 
Who Is Ri Chun-hee, the Voice of North Korea?
Antonia Timmerman
Antonia Timmerman is a journalist living in Taipei. A former finance reporter for various media outlets, she now writes independently on issues affecting culture and lifestyle, the lives of women immigrants, LGBTQ communities, and Taiwan affairs. 100% Indonesian.  
Taiwan’s Vaunted Covid-19 Response Faces Test As Students Return Home
Matthew Currell
Matthew Currell is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering at RMIT University, Australia. He specializes in groundwater quality and quantity issues, particularly in China. He teaches hydrogeology to environmental and civil engineering students and runs a study tour to China looking at environmental issues, in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The Global Drain: Why China’s Water Pollution Crisis Should Matter to the Rest of the World
Dylan Levi King
Dylan Levi King lives in suburban Tokyo but made China his home between 2006 and 2013, living mainly in Dalian, Nanjing and Guangzhou. He has published translations and short fiction in a handful of literary magazines. 
Black Cell: Life in a Chinese Detention Center
Matt Ferchen
Matt Ferchen is an Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.
OPINION: China's Development Aid Neither Develops nor Aids
Sustainability Times
Sustainability Times is your online home for news, debate, and analysis on every facet of sustainability. Our team of journalists highlights the latest news in sustainable business and industry, sustainable development, environmental protection, and the global fight against climate change.
Earth Day at 50: What We Need to Do for the Next 50 Years
Niels Vandezande
Niels Vandezande is a legal researcher at the KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law – IMEC.
Japan's Bitcoin Takeover: Virtual Currency Rules are Zen for Yen
Wanning Sun
Wanning Sun is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Her research is concerned with the cultural politics of inequality in China, Chinese media and soft power, and the Chinese diaspora.
From Mao to TV Health Shows: The Changing Chain of Command Facing China's Elderly
Khin Zaw Win
Khin Zaw Win is the Director of the Tampadipa Institute, working on policy advocacy and capacity building since 2006. His current engagement includes communal issues, nationalism and international relations. He is also an honorary advisor at the Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies, the Foreign Ministry’s think tank.
Myanmar Must Accept Responsibility for Rohingya alongside Openness to Diversity
Martin Boyle
Martin Boyle gained a Ph.D in International Relations from the University of Kent with a thesis on Taiwan’s state identity. His interest in Taiwan’s politics was sparked by teaching at CETRA (now TAITRA) in Hsinchu in the early 1990s. His chapter, Huadu: A Realist-Constructivist Account of Taiwan’s Anomalous Status, was published in Samuel Barkin’s The Social Construction of State Power: Applying Realist Constructivism (2020).
The Taiwan Lobby in Europe Counters Taiwan's Progressive Reputation
Robert Lyons
Robert Lyons, MBA, is a Lecturer at Northeastern University, Boston.
China and the Future of Music Streaming