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Nicholas Thomas
Nicholas Thomas is an Associate Professor in the Department of Asian and International Studies, City University of Hong Kong.
The Rise of China Through the Eyes of China
Justin Reeves
Justin Reeves is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Southern Methodist University.
This Weekend's Snap Election in Japan Explained
Truong-Minh Vu
Truong-Minh Vu is a director of the Center for International Studies (SCIS) and Vice Dean of the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City. His research interests encompass international and strategic relations of Southeast Asia.
ASEAN's China Shift Puts Vietnam on Coast Guard
Jane W. Wang
Jane W. Wang works on engaging interdisciplinary dialogue around social and environmental implications in innovating the future. Born in Taiwan and raised in the United States, she applies a bilingual and bicultural lens with a background in sociology, international relations, business development, coaching, facilitation, and intercultural training and consulting.  She is founder of the community Build Great Bridges Around Taiwan (BGBAT) and is working on its next phase.  
Can We Pull Taiwan Out of Its Identity Crisis?
Ed Jones
Ed Jones is a graduate of the LSE and a PhD Candidate in History at the University of Cambridge, with a focus on early modern Spain.
REVIEW: The Chinese Typewriter: A History
Murray Ackman
Murray Ackman is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), an independent non-partisan non-profit research institute. He has worked at IEP since early 2014, where he leads IEP’s work on terrorism and measuring Sustainable Development Goal 16 on peace, justice and strong institutions. He has presented and lectured on terrorism at a variety of conferences and universities including the Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, the University of Oxford and the University of Sydney. Prior to IEP, he worked on policy for the Salvation Army Australia and as a management consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (Hons I) and won the university prize in Politics and International Relations from the University of NSW.
Countering ISIS in the Pacific
Gong Luyao
Gong Luyao works in brand development at Maxsine Art Education International, a Shanghai-based education company.
Young Chinese Students Start to Shun STEM Subjects
Du Peipei
Du Peipei holds a Ph.D. degree in sociology from Hohai University in Nanjing.
China Is Trialing a Market-based Approach to Dealing with Illegal Structures
Abdul-Gafar Tobi Oshodi
I am currently a doctoral researcher at the Centre for Research on Peace and Development (CRPD), University of Leuven, Belgium. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Lagos State University and two Masters’ Degrees in Public and International Affairs (MPIA) and in Political Science from the University of Lagos and University of Ibadan respectively; all in Nigeria. I am also a trained journalist with over five-year experience at Vanguard newspapers in Nigeria, and I taught undergraduate courses in the Department of Political Science at Lagos State University for six years. My overarching research interest, broadly defined, encapsulates the ‘development question’ as it relates to Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. Having interrogated aspects of Sino-Africa political and economic relations in this regard, my current research speaks to the (dis)connections between national youth service and nation/peace building in Nigeria and Ghana. I am a fellow of the Social Science Research Council’s (SSRC) Next Generation of Social Sciences in Africa program.
Has Nigeria Truly Forsaken Taiwan?
Robert Soutar
Robert Soutar is Managing Editor of Diálogo Chino, based in London. He holds an MSc in Comparative Politics (Latin America) and a BA in Hispanic Studies.
Mexico Warms Up to China as NAFTA Falters
Leung Wing-fai
Leung Wing-fai is Lecturer in Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London.
China’s Film Industry: Blocked by its Own Great Wall
Brendan Thomas-Noone
Brendan Thomas-Noone is a Research Associate in the Alliance 21 Program at the United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney.
Asia's Nuclear Powers Switch Focus to New Missile Technologies
Alison Saldanha
Alison Saldanha is an assistant editor with IndiaSpend.
Delhi Still the World’s Most Polluted Megacity
Darren J. Lim and Victor Ferguson
Darren J. Lim is a Lecturer in International Relations at the School of Politics and International Relations, The Australian National University. Victor Ferguson is a Research Assistant at the School of Politics and International Relations, The Australian National University.
Costs of Chinese Boycotts Cut Both Ways
James Gomez
James Gomez is regional director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific Director at Amnesty International.
A False Dawn for Media Freedom in Myanmar?
Diao Fanchao
No Author Introduction.
Flaming Forests in Northeastern China
Bonnie Waycott
No Author Introduction.
Can the Bluefin Tuna Survive Their Popularity?