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Wang Yuhao
Wang Yuhao is the CEO of Aha School, which offers customizable online education.
Bringing the World’s Great Museums to 200,000 Children in China
Zachary Abuza
Zachary Abuza is Professor of National Security Strategy at the US National War College. The views expressed here are his own, and do not reflect the opinions of the Department of Defense, National Defense University, or the National War College. Follow him @ZachAbuza.
The Fall and Rise of Jihadism in Southeast Asia
Kwei-Bo Huang
Kwei-Bo Huang is Vice Dean at the College of International Affairs and Associate Professor of Diplomacy at National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan (ROC). He served as chairman of the Research and Planning Committee at the Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs between February 2009 and January 2011.
Tsai's Southbound Policy Faces 'One China' Opposition
Louise Watt
Louise Watt is a Taipei-based freelance journalist. She has previously worked for newspapers in the UK and Spain, as well as for The Associated Press for more than a decade in countries including China and Thailand.
VIDEO: Taiwan Celebrates Love of Classic Mini Cars
Gavin Briggs
Gavin Briggs is a lecturer in national security and international relations in the Department of Social Sciences and International Studies at Curtin University in Perth.
Geography Still Matters amid South China Sea Shifts
Eli Elinoff
Eli Elinoff is a lecturer in Cultural Anthropology at the Victoria University of Wellington. He has published work in South East Asia Research, Political and Legal Anthropology Review, Contemporary Southeast Asia, and the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute.
Thailand's Urban Planning: a Weapon against the Poor
Matthias Helble and Yizhe Daniel Xie
Matthias Helble is a senior economist and co-chair at the research department of the Asian Development Bank Institute. Yizhe Daniel Xie is a research associate at the Asian Development Bank Institute and a PhD Candidate at the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University.
OPINION: China Could Hold Key to TPP Revival
Pan Suiming
Pan Suiming is a professor emeritus and the honorary director of the Institute for Research on Sexuality and Gender at Renmin University of China in Beijing.
Not Enough is Known about China's Modern Drug Use
Lo Huei-wen
Lo Huei-wen (羅慧雯) teaches in the Department of Communications Management at Shih Hsin University. A former researcher for Public Television Service (PTS), her main interest focuses on the development and democratization of the local film and television industries around the world. After receiving a BA in Economics from National Taiwan University and a MA in Journalism from National Chengchi University, Lo completed her Ph.D. in Economics at Kyoto University.
It’s No BBC: 20 Dismal Years of Taiwan’s Underfunded PTS Public Broadcaster
Wu Jianguo
Wu Jianguo is a survivor of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre. In 1991 he moved to Australia as a political refugee. He has published articles in The Australian to promote an open and equitable society in China. His novel “Meandering Stream” and play “Beyond the Gate of Heavenly Peace” made him the first Chinese immigrant author in Australia to publish a novel and play in English. He has also published academic articles in Australia Education Journal and other educational publications, as well as political commentaries on Chinese magazines such as Chengming (爭鳴), Beijing Spring etc. He currently lives in Australia where he works as a freelance writer.
Are Scholars Giving In to Chinese Propaganda?
Philip Liu
Philip Liu, a veteran reporter and editor for English-language business publications, is a Contributing Writer for Taiwan Business TOPICS.
Autonomous Cars Make Headway in Taipei
Rachel Diaz-Bastin
Rachel Diaz-Bastin is a San Francisco-based artist and life-long California resident. She is a graduate of UC Davis, where she earned her degree in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. Rachel currently works in the entomology department of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. She began writing about local wildlife and conservation efforts for Bay Nature Magazine in 2013 and started writing for Mongabay as a contributor on forest issues in Southeast Asia in 2016.
Environmental Impacts of Changes to Indonesia’s Mining Law
Renny Babiarz.
Renny Babiarz received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD on the basis of research concerning China’s nuclear weapons program. He has published on the historical development of China’s nuclear weapons program, served as a geospatial analyst for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and currently works as a research analyst for AllSource Analysis.
China’s Expanding Nuclear Submarine Force
Natasha Arora
Natasha Arora is a senior at The University of Hong Kong, studying International Relations, Psychology and Journalism. She is passionate about world affairs, climate change advocacy and travel.
Too Little, Too Late: Hong Kong’s Glacial Progress on Mounting Food Waste Problem
WE PEOPLE 東西名人雜誌
《WE PEOPLE 東西名人》雜誌在 2006 年創刊,是全台第一本為成功人士、時尚菁英、社交圈 中人與奢華旅遊者所量身打造的生活時尚雜誌。以正面傳達健康的人生享樂態度,希望帶給讀者更豐富的觀感與新資訊,為台灣的雜誌生態圈注入一股新的影響力。
Medical School Professor says, "Sleep builds competitiveness."
謝夙霓,台灣師範大學國文系博士肄業,領域專長西周金文、戰國楚簡文字研究。因先生工作關係移居瑞典林雪平,居住瑞典七年,育有一子一女,目前專職育兒業餘寫作,兼瑞典古董店實習小雜工。 寫作內容包括:瑞典生活大小事,瑞典幼兒教育,古董小器皿,瑞典觀察意難平,懷念思鄉情未了,台灣媽媽書寫瑞典,期待將希望種子的種下,讓台灣變得更美好。
Why Do We Think Foreign Children Aren't Noisy?