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Taiwan Medical Community Concerned About The Medical Payment Reformation
Tyler Prochazka
Tyler Prochazka is the chair of UBI Taiwan.
Why Taiwan Should Pay People To Stay Home
Mario Yang
Mario Yang is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of The News Lens.
An Interview With Chen Shih-chung: Rebuilding a Culture of Trust and Collaboration in the Taipei City Government
Mehk Chakraborty
Mehk Chakraborty is a freelance multimedia journalist who writes on art, culture, and travel and has bylines at BBC Travel, Roads & Kingdoms, The Daily Beast. She has an educational background in Political Science and is currently pursuing her MA in Political Analysis and Public Policy.
India’s LGBT Community Keeps Fighting Social Stigma Despite Legal Victory
Janine Sun Rogers
Janine Sun Rogers is a California-based writer, artist, podcaster, and independent scholar.
Adult Streaming Platform SWAG Is in Hot Water With Taiwan’s Authorities
Nicholas Haggerty
Nicholas Haggerty is the editor of the News Lens International. He lives in Taipei.
Roy Ngerng Against the Prime Minister
Li Kua-teng
Li Kua-teng is a history scholar and holds a Ph.D. degree in philosophy. 
6 Ways Hong Kong’s National Security Law Contradicts Its Current Legal System
Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文)
Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文) is a contributing writer for The News Lens. He is a publisher of the Compass Magazine, current chairman of the Taichung American Chamber of Commerce, the Central Taiwan correspondent for ICRT Radio, the founder of the popular Taiwan News in English Facebook group and is an organizer of rock festivals including the Compass Food and Music Festival.
Will Tsai Turn the Tables in the 2020 Election?
David Evans
David Evans is a pseudonym. The author has a background in politics and corporate public affairs and is a regular contributor on topics ranging from Taiwanese politics, cross-strait relations, and international affairs. He is also interested in technology and sport and is writing under a pseudonym to avoid complications in his day job.
Losing Solomon Islands and Kiribati Could Work to Taiwan's Advantage
Jonathan Hum
Jonathan Hum is an Asian American journalist born and raised in Washington, D.C. He has degrees in Biology and Political Science, and has been living in Taiwan since 2014, where he discovered a passion for telling people's stories.
How Taiwan’s Cram Schools Have Struggled to Adapt
James Grant
James Grant is a contributing writer at The News Lens. Came to Taipei for the work, stayed for the dumplings. Interested in politics, economics and Universal Basic Income.
How Did 7-Eleven Come to Rule the Streets of Taiwan?
Patrick Ng
Patrick Ng works at The New School for Leadership in Healthcare at the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center in Taipei.
A Response to ‘Taiwan Should Not Risk Booster Shots Over Omicron’
Zoe Lorimer
Zoe Lorimer is a Scottish freelance writer based in Taipei.
Fundraiser Organized for Hospitalized English Teacher To Return Home
Henning von Mirbach
Henning von Mirbach is a Ph.D. Candidate at University of California, Santa Barbara, where he specializes in Chinese art history. He is currently a visiting scholar at Academia Sinica, Taipei.
Falling Through The Cracks of Taiwan’s Immigration System
Robert E Kelly
Robert E Kelly is an associate professor of international relations in the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Pusan National University. More of his work may be found at his website, AsianSecurityBlog.wordpress.com.
The Tragedy of Otto Warmbier
Milo Hsieh
Milo Hsieh studies international relations at American University. He is a freelance journalist based in Washington D.C. 
Hostility Towards Transgender Influencer Chiang Chia-Wen Is Unacceptable
Brian Hioe
Brian Hioe was one of the founding editors of New Bloom, a freelance writer on social movements and politics, and an occasional translator.
The Tsai Administration Is Silent on Lula’s Victory. What Would It Take for That To Change?
Yaneer Bar-Yam
Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam is a pandemic expert who has advised the UN, WHO, the U.S. NSC, CMS and CDC. He warned about pandemics for 15 years and contributed outbreak response protocols for stopping Ebola in Africa in 2014, which worked. He is an MIT trained physicist and complexity scientist. Since the late 1980s he has contributed to founding the field of complex systems science, introducing fundamental mathematical rigor, real world application, and educational programs for new concepts and insights of this field. His recent work quantitatively analyzes the origins and impacts of market crashes, social unrest, ethnic violence, military conflict and pandemics, and the structure and dynamics of social networks. He has advised the U.S. Government on global social unrest and the crises in Egypt and Syria, counterterrorism strategies, military force transformation, market regulation, delivery of disease prevention services and control of hospital infections. He regularly advises NGOs and corporations regarding their use of complex systems science. He has authored more than 200 journal articles. His work on the causes of the global food crisis was cited among the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2011 by Wired magazine. His scientific visualizations received recognition as “best of” from Wired in 2011 and 2013, and from Motherboard in 2013. International coverage of his work includes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Die Zeit, and Le Monde, among others.
The Case for Snap Lockdowns in Taiwan