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Chun Robert Qiao
Chun Robert Qiao is a 2017 Master of Journalism Graduate from The University of Hong Kong. Prior to his move to Hong Kong in the fall of 2016, Robert had been an active member of CIUT 89.5 FM University of Toronto Radio Station community for nine years, working as an In-Studio Assisting Producer for a weekly art variety show, called Howl.
Zunzi's Hong Kong: Leading Political Cartoonist Looks Back
Fengshi Wu
Fengshi Wu (BA from Beijing University, PhD from University of Maryland), Associate Professor and Deputy Coordinator of the MSc in IR programme at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, is specialized in environmental politics, Chinese politics and global governance.
Bumpy Road Ahead: Living with China's New NGO Laws
Adam Cathcart and Alexander Nicholas Shaw
Adam Cathcart is a lecturer in Chinese history at the University of Leeds, and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the China Policy Institute. Alexander Nicholas Shaw is completing a PhD in history at the University of Leeds, focusing on British intelligence in Southeast Asia in the early Cold War.
No Space for Democracy: Political Dissidence in Colonial and Contemporary Hong Kong
Qing Yan
Freelance writer Qing Yan is the pen name of a freelance writer on gay issues in China.
The Gay Bars of Shanghai: Here and Queer for 20 Years
Saigoneer is an English-language digital platform covering urban development, history, food, culture and the arts in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and throughout Vietnam. Read more at: saigoneer.com.
Q&A: How Saigon and the Mekong Delta Can Confront Climate Change
Agence France-Presse
Agence France-Presse is an international news agency headquartered in Paris, France.
Chinese Activists Who Probed Ivanka Trump's Factories Speak Out
Michael Beltran
Activist - Musician. Studied Political Science at the University of the Philippines - Manila, has been involved with various student and cultural movements in the Philippines. Currently works as the Information Officer of KADAMAY, the National Alliance of Filipino Urban Poor.
Filipino Film Makes Class Division Relevant Again
Michael S. Chase
Michael S. Chase is a senior political scientist at RAND, a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, and an adjunct professor in the China Studies and Strategic Studies Departments at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C.
China's Nuclear Bomber: Creating Credible 'Triad' and Boosting PLAAF Strategic Role
Elaine Pearson
Elaine Pearson, Australia Director at Human Rights Watch works to encourage the Australian government to prioritize human rights as part of its foreign policy. Based in Sydney, Pearson works to build Human Rights Watch's profile in Australia and regularly briefs journalists and policy makers. Pearson writes frequently for numerous publications, and her articles have appeared in the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, the Australian, and Human Rights Quarterly. From 2007 to 2012 she was the Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch's Asia Division based in New York.
Australia's Silence on Liu Xiaobo is Shameful
Camely Arta
Camely is an undergraduate student majoring in Management. She spends way too much of her time binge-watching on Netflix, and takes pleasure in Mexican food occasionally.
Indonesia's House of Grace Gives a New Lease on Life to Young Women
Shannon Lin
Shannon Lin is a staff writer currently on a mission to investigate all things related to Taiwan society and culture and to pet every cat met along the way.
PHOTO STORY: Sustainable Grain Cropping and 'Adopting' a Paddy Field on Taiwan's Northeast Coast
Zi Yang
Zi Yang is an independent researcher and consultant on China affairs. His research centers on Chinese internal security issues. He holds a M.A. from Georgetown University and a B.A. from George Mason University.
Xi Jinping is Restoring 'Traditionalism' in China amid Cultural Revival Campaign
Haironesah Domado is a development practitioner from Mindanao, Southern Philippines, and is a Maranao Muslim. She has extensive development experience in conflict affected areas in the Philippines, particularly in the Mindanao region.
Winning the Peace in ISIS-Linked Marawi Conflict Just the First Step
Toni Fan
Toni Fan is the CEO of Shanghai Chengtai Information Technology Co.
Chinese People Will Sell Their Data for Cash in the Future
Central News Agency
The Central News Agency (CNA) is Taiwan's national news agency.
Nearly One in Three Taiwanese Kids Suffer Mental Disorders - Study
Yuan-Ming Chiao
Yuan-Ming Chiao is a contributing writer to The News Lens. He writes on topics pertaining to Taiwanese politics, cross-Strait relations and trade policy.
Protest in China Over Fertility Treatment Price Hikes