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AsiaGlobal Online
AsiaGlobal Online offers Asian perspectives on global issues through publishing rigorous research-based articles and commentaries. The journal’s network of writers includes scholars, experts, policymakers and professionals from around the world, with an emphatic focus on those from Asian countries.
ANALYSIS: China Scaling Back Belt and Road amid Southeast Asian Resistance
East Asia Forum
East Asia Forum is a platform for analysis and research on politics, economics, business, law, security, international relations and society relevant to public policy, centred on the Asia Pacific region. It consists of an online publication and a quarterly magazine, East Asia Forum Quarterly, which aim to provide clear and original analysis from the leading minds in the region and beyond.
OPINION: Singapore Must Get Smart on Malaysia Border Security
David Green
David Green is an editor at The News Lens. He covers a lot of stuff, but is most comfortable trying to work out if a robot will come for his job before a government pays for retraining or offers basic income.
Taiwan's STOMAP Wants to Indoor Map You and Your Data
International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT)
International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) is Taiwan’s only English language broadcaster, with the mission of bridging cultural gaps and integrating the resources of Taiwan’s local and international communities for the ROC’s continued growth and prosperity.
Taiwan News: Tsai's DPP Rejects Charter Change Proposal
Kuan Chen
 Kuan Chen is a writer for the News Lens International. A Purdue Boilermaker! 
Week in Focus: Thailand’s Careful Cave Rescue, Liu Xiaobo's Widow Leaves Beijing
Diálogo Chino
Diálogo Chino is a multilingual platform for journalists, public officials, academics, civil society and the business community to engage with the topics that will come to define the nature of China-Latin America relations. Diálogo Chino is an initiative of chinadialogue, an independent, bilingual, Chinese English website that promotes communication on the environment and climate change. It is a non-profit organization based in London and Beijing.
ANALYSIS: China's Latin American Belt and Road Chimera
Nick Aspinwall
Nick Aspinwall is a freelance writer based in Taipei. He is currently studying journalism and international relations, with a focus on Greater China, through an online program at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. An avid traveler, he has visited more than 35 countries and continues to explore the world whenever he can.
Sculpture Honoring Chinese Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Unveiled in Taipei
John Dough
John Dough is a pen name. The author is a photographer and writer currently living in Cambodia.
PHOTO STORY: Sihanoukville, China's New Colony
China Labour Bulletin
CLB was first established in Hong Kong in 1994 as a bi-lingual, monthly newsletter designed to inform international trade unionists of events inside China and to let Chinese workers know about domestic labour news and the role of trade unions. CLB remains committed to supporting the workers’ movement in China and in creating genuine trade unions that can take the movement to the next level.
Fixing China's Sharing Economy Woes
The Conversation
The Conversation US launched as a pilot project in October 2014. It is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community, delivered direct to the public.
Thailand's Caves Are Mythological Wonderlands
Jerome Alan Cohen
Jerome Alan Cohen, a professor at NYU School of Law since 1990 and Faculty Director of its U.S.-Asia Law Institute, is a leading American expert on Chinese law and government.
OPINION: Liu Xia's Release Restricted While Brother Remains Detained
New Mandala
Hosted by the Australian National University’s (ANU) Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, New Mandala provides anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on Southeast Asia. The site was established in June 2006, with co-founder Dr Nicholas Farrelly editing and running the site until 2015. In May that year, James Giggacher was appointed as editor. Since April 2017, the editor of the site has been Liam Gammon, assisted by associate editor Mish Khan. Since its inception the site has devoted its attention to the politics and societies of Southeast Asia, and especially Thailand and Myanmar. Increasingly its focus stretches to Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. New Mandala also runs a successful book review series.
'Thailand 4.0': No Security in the Growing Thai Gig Economy
Coco Dollanganger
Coco Dollanganger is a contributing journalist for The News Lens. She has a degree in Liberal Arts major in English Communication. In her free time, she plays her ukulele, sings in a reggae band, and enjoys reading books.    
PHILIPPINES: Is the #BabaeAko Movement Really About Duterte?
Global Voices
Global Voices is a border-less, largely volunteer community of more than 1400 writers, analysts, online media experts, and translators.
Is Your Phone Spying on You? Inside Chinese Camera Backdoors
Michael Beltran
Activist - Musician. Studied Political Science at the University of the Philippines - Manila, has been involved with various student and cultural movements in the Philippines. Currently works as the Information Officer of KADAMAY, the National Alliance of Filipino Urban Poor.
The Duterte Doublespeak: Exploring the Philippine President’s Long List of Lies
Policy Forum
Policy Forum is Asia and the Pacific’s platform for public policy debate, analysis, views, and discussion.
The Truth Behind China's World Football Ambitions
Mongabay seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of nature and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging trends in climate, technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development.
The Crushing Carbon Cost of Palm Oil Plantations
Justin Hugo
Justin Hugo is a pen name. The author is a contributing writer for The News Lens.
OPINION: Saluting Singapore's Marvelous Work Ethic!