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Deutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster and a trusted source for reliable news and information with content in 30 languages. The flagship channel DW provides analysis and insights to viewers around the globe, reporting on important issues in English 24/7. With continuous news reports, special features and talk shows covering everything from business, science and politics to culture and sports, DW brings people closer to what matters most – made in Germany, made for minds.
Japan To Cancel Tokyo Olympics — Report
Lost Hiking In Taiwan? Test Your Survival Skills
TNL Staff
The News Lens International is a Taiwan-based independent digital media, providing balanced reporting and thought-provoking opinions from Taiwan and all around Asia. 
The Magician on the Skywalk: A Magical Realist Lens on Taiwan
Voice of America
Voice of America (VOA) is the largest U.S. international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated weekly audience of more than 275 million people. 
How Covid-19 Is Straining Human Rights in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines
Roy Ngerng
Roy Ngerng writes on social issues and equality. He was named a Human Rights Defender by the United Nations and believes that human rights and social justice will enable fairer, happier, and more compassionate societies.
Digital Transformation in Taiwan Requires Social and Political Transformation
Tonggo Simangunsong
Tonggo Simangunsong is an Indonesian journalist based in Medan city, North Sumatra. His work has appeared in VICE, South China Morning Post, Al Jazeera, New Naratif and Destinasian, covering environmental issues, culture, politics, life, and travel.
Indonesian Government Official Threatens Legal Trouble For Those Who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccine
East Asia Forum
East Asia Forum is a platform for analysis and research on politics, economics, business, law, security, international relations and society relevant to public policy, centred on the Asia Pacific region. It consists of an online publication and a quarterly magazine, East Asia Forum Quarterly, which aim to provide clear and original analysis from the leading minds in the region and beyond.
Rethinking Japan’s Refugee and Asylum Policy
The Interpreter
The Interpreter is published by the Lowy Institute, an independent, nonpartisan think tank based in Sydney. It publishes daily commentary and analysis on international events.
Boys’ Love Brings Edgy Drama To China, and a Backlash
every little d
Every little detail matters. 
Art Book Publisher nos:books Opens Space in Taipei
Bryan Chou
Bryan Chou is an editor for The News Lens International.
Indonesia Delays Migrant Worker Fee Exemption
The Conversation
The Conversation US launched as a pilot project in October 2014. It is an independent source of news and views from the academic and research community, delivered direct to the public.
How China Is Controlling the Covid Origins Narrative — Silencing Critics and Locking up Dissenters
Janine Sun Rogers
Janine Sun Rogers is a California-based writer and artist. She is a producer on the Black Enso podcast, digital media associate at performance art space Mast on Fig, and director of programming at Taking Suggestions… Film Festival.
“Our Labyrinth” by Lee Mingwei: Meditation Grain By Grain
Taiwan Insight
Taiwan Insight is the online magazine of the University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Program.
The Problem of Taiwan’s Lost-Contact Migrant Workers’ ‘Illicit Enjoyment’
Jonathan Hum
Jonathan Hum is an Asian American journalist born and raised in Washington, D.C. He has degrees in Biology and Political Science, and has been living in Taiwan since 2014, where he discovered a passion for telling people's stories.
One Foot in the World of Black and White: An Interview With ‘Westworld’ Writer Charles Yu
Rath Wang
Rath Wang fiddles with numbers during the day but writes and advocates for Taiwan’s identity and other progressive causes in his free time. 
“Boys’ Love” Hits Push the Dial for Progress Across Asia
Jenny Li
Jenny Li is a University of Edinburgh economics graduate and intern at the Formosan Association for Public Affairs. Her views are strictly her own.
What Does Biden’s Cabinet Mean for Taiwan?
CJ Sheu
CJ Sheu is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved, Taipei-based film critic for The News Lens and Critics at Large; he has been published by Bright Wall/Dark Room, Funscreen (Taiwan), and LeonardMaltin.com. He has a PhD in 21st-century American fiction.
In the Age of Digital Streaming, Will Literature Survive?
Coco Dollanganger
Coco Dollanganger is a contributing journalist for The News Lens. In her free time, she plays her ukulele, sings in a reggae band, reads books, and enjoys the outdoors.
Philippine Lawmakers Push for Police Reform After Tarlac Shooting