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Zeng Yuli is a freelance writer focusing on Chinese youth culture.


Why Young Chinese Are Crazy About Online Stickers

Zeng Yuli

Web-savvy ’90s kids are defying social etiquette — and internet controls — with a barrage of self-created, sarcastic stickers.


‘Save Our Boys’: China’s Made-up Masculinity Crisis

Zeng Yuli

Critics, parents and educators all claim that China’s school boys aren’t manly enough, without seeing the gender bias in their arguments.


China’s Love-Hate Relationship with Traditional Matchmaking

Zeng Yuli

Youngsters shun the superstition and discrimination of older marriage brokers, yet have few other chances to find suitable partners.


Why Are China’s Old and Young at Each Other’s Throats?

Zeng Yuli

Too often China's youth-dominated online culture dismisses the country’s elderly as grumpy old men and women.


Turn Off, Drop Out: Why Young Chinese Are Abandoning Ambition

Zeng Yuli

As the economy slows and social expectations rise, Chinese youngsters are rejecting traditional notions of success and embracing a culture known as ‘sang.’

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