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Yuan-Ming Chiao writes about cross-Strait politics, Chinese society and globalization and is the author of Imagined Economies and the Re-Framing of Trade Policy: The Role of Taiwan's Political Elites in Discourses of Cross-Strait Trade Policy.


OPINION: China's '31 Incentives' Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Taiwan

Yuan-Ming Chiao

China's lures fuel a sense of insecurity in Taiwan, but many resolvable economic and societal problems lie closer to home.


Why China’s Attempts to Curb Air Pollution are Facing Resistance

Yuan-Ming Chiao

According to a report by Caixin earlier this month, 33 incidents of industry obstructions occurred in more than half the localities under inspection since April.


Bleak Outlook: Millions of Rural Chinese Children 'Left Behind'

Yuan-Ming Chiao

Experts fear the psychological and developmental consequences on migrant children who are growing up without their parents.


Protest in China Over Fertility Treatment Price Hikes

Yuan-Ming Chiao

A fivefold increase in the cost of some fertility treatments in China sparked protest.


Beijing’s Schools for Migrants Face Demolition amid Urban Restructuring

Yuan-Ming Chiao

Strict residency laws make it difficult for migrants from other parts of China to be enrolled in public municipal schools in Beijing. Now their special schools are under threat.


Sleep Quality a Fleeting Chinese Dream

Yuan-Ming Chiao

'Three new highs: high property prices, high living costs and high overwork.'


Landmark Decision on ‘Gay Conversion Treatment’ in China

Yuan-Ming Chiao

In a decision welcomed by LGBT activists, a Chinese court has ruled in favor of a man forced to undergo conversion treatment.


Panama Braces for Chinese Tourist Boom

Yuan-Ming Chiao

Industry insiders expect red tape to be slashed, easing the way for more Chinese tourists to visit the Central American nation that straddles two oceans with its renowned canal.

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