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Xiaochen Su

Xiaochen Su

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Xiaochen Su has a PhD from the University of Tokyo, writing his dissertation on the social integration of Chinese migrants in Russia. He has lived and worked in East Africa, Taiwan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

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Would Another Anti-LGBT Gaffe Prompt Reform in Japan?

Xiaochen Su

Japan is the only G7 nation without legislation prohibiting discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.


Preferential Treatment of Ukrainian Refugees Shows Limits of Europe’s Multiculturalism

Xiaochen Su

The broad welcome that many Ukrainians have received is a social good. But we should hope and work for a world in which all refugees receive the same treatment.


An Alternative Reading of PRC History: ‘Revolution and Counterrevolution in China’

Xiaochen Su

‘Revolution and Counterrevolution’ makes a powerful argument against the tendency to see 1978 as a concrete dividing line between two different Chinas.


Railway Travel as a New Year’s Tradition in Asia

Xiaochen Su

Railway travel is inseparable from New Year’s celebrations across Asia, serving as much a part of the holidays as a facilitator of gatherings.


A Yutori Dystopia: Izumi Suzuki’s ‘Terminal Boredom’

Xiaochen Su

In exploring life in distinct science fictionalized futures, Izumi Suzuki’s stories take on a dystopian tinge, one that presages an entire generation of Japan’s youth.


GameStop and the Social Media-fication of Finance

Xiaochen Su

Individual investors are fighting against the potential efforts of Wall Street to profit by exploiting and even worsening the economic misery of Covid-19, as it did during the 2008 financial crisis.


International Students Can Stem Decline Facing Asian Universities

Xiaochen Su

East Asian universities face a long-term demographic crisis, risking gains in competitiveness made over recent years. Attracting students from abroad may be the solution.


Can Taiwanese Liquors Follow Japan's Model To Global Success?

Xiaochen Su

The success of Japanese liquors outside the country provides a useful model for Taiwanese distillers like Kavalan.


Can Taiwan Be the Remote Work Capital of Asia?

Xiaochen Su

The ranks of digital nomads are set to expand. Despite some barriers, Taiwan is in a good position to attract these workers.


The Trouble With TikTok's Global Rise

Xiaochen Su

Downloads of the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok have surged during Covid-19. The app's weak record on privacy and security should be a cause for concern.

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