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Wang Lianzhang

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China’s Trendiest Party Drug

Wang Lianzhang

Everybody likes to laugh, but some are taking it too far.


Students Hold Anti-Gay Banner at Chinese University

Wang Lianzhang

Homophobic message angers LGBT students and reveals ongoing discrimination on Chinese college campuses.

Office table with coffee cup and supplies, top view

Phone Chargers: China’s Latest Sharing Economy Fad

Wang Lianzhang

Laidian, the first company to introduce shared charging in China, is suing its competitors.


Sex Ed Books for Primary Schoolers Shock Chinese Parents

Wang Lianzhang

The majority of online commenters, however, say candid sex education materials are a step forward.


Shenzhen Closes Door on Blind Migrants

Wang Lianzhang

The city’s ‘hukou’ regulations say people with disabilities cannot become official residents.


E-Commerce Seller Sabotages Competition in China, Receives Jail Sentence

Wang Lianzhang

First prison conviction in China for an e-commerce merchant found guilty of deceptive sales tactics.


China County Official Apologizes to Journalists Assaulted by Police

Wang Lianzhang

Deputy police chief removed from his post after reporters were roughed up during interrogation.


Companies, Investors Pouring into China’s Bike-Sharing Market

Wang Lianzhang

Forever, one of Shanghai’s oldest bicycle brands, is among the many companies to have entered the fray.


Chinese Kindergarten Teachers Detained After Recording Reveals Abuse

Wang Lianzhang

The case came to light after parents who had noticed marks on child’s body hid a recording device in a schoolbag.

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