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Voice of America (VOA) is the largest U.S. international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated weekly audience of more than 275 million people. 

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Thailand Welcomes Tourism, Economic Progress, Looks Ahead to 2023 Elections

Voice of America

Experts say the elections could promote further economic growth and create stability for the kingdom.


Trolling of Female Asian Journalists on Rise as Beijing Seeks to Discredit Media

Voice of America

In the eyes of the Beijing, it’s viewed as especially unforgivable if women are perceived as betraying China, a journalist says.


Hong Kong Expecting Influx of Tourists From Mainland China

Voice of America

Hong Kong has canceled quarantine requirements for arrivals. The only measure remaining is the mask mandate.


Rohingya Refugees Adrift for Weeks at Sea Land in Indonesia

Voice of America

2022 could be the deadliest year for Rohingya fleeing Bangladesh and Myanmar by boat since 2014, when 730 were believed to have died or gone missing.


UN Council Adopts Resolution Urging End to Myanmar Violence

Voice of America

This is the first Security Council resolution on Myanmar since the country became a U.N. member in 1948.


China Trying To Fight Back US Ban on Its Chip Industry

Voice of America

On Thursday, the U.S. government broadened its crackdown on China’s chip industry by adding memory chipmaker YMTC and 21 “major” Chinese players in the artificial intelligence chip sector to a Commerce Department trade blacklist.


China Begins to Revive Arctic Scientific Ground Projects After Setbacks

Voice of America

Arctic researchers say China recently has sent and announced plans to imminently send several people to its two most important scientific outposts in Norway and Iceland after lengthy absences of Chinese scientists from both sites.


China Blames Foreigners for Inciting Protests

Voice of America

Analysts say foreigners offering critical comments about the protests or making contacts with protesters could be blamed for instigating, shaping, and guiding the demonstrations.


As Zero-Covid Protests in China Continue, a Battle Erupts Online

Voice of America

Protesters are trying to circumvent government censors who are believed to use an automated system to help block prohibited content.


Thailand’s Pot Boosters Battle Bid to Delegalize Cannabis

Voice of America

Thailand made it legal to cultivate and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes in June, but calls are mounting to relist the plant as a narcotic.

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